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Find out more about Jesus healing the woman with the issue of blood in this first session

Session 1 from Miracles of Jesus DVD Study FREEBe refreshed and encouraged as you deepen your understanding of Jesus’ love for outcasts and his power to cleanse, heal, and transform your life in this first session of the NEW Miracles of Jesus DVD.

In this first session of Rose’s NEW Miracles of Jesus, you’ll journey down the bustling streets of Old Jerusalem’s marketplace before diving into the story of the healing of the woman with the issue of blood and Jairus’ daughter. Dr. Gary Burge (professor of New Testament studies at Wheaton College) will help you uncover a fresh perspective for this familiar Bible passage. Learn about Jewish law and Greco-Roman superstition that made the woman with the issue of blood unclean and ‘unfit’ to interact with Jesus. Find out why her simple touch of Jesus’ robe would have restricted Jesus from performing any other miracles according to Jewish custom, such as healing Jairus’ daughter. By seeing this miracle through the lens of first century Jewish culture, as Jesus did, you will add depth to your understanding of the New Testament and its life-changing messages.
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Miracles of Jesus DVD-based StudyMiracles of Jesus DVD

Overall Rating: 4.5 Stars
Deepen your understanding of the New Testament and build on what you already know about Jesus’ Miracles this NEW 6-session DVD study!
Unlike any other Bible study available, this visually-stunning DVD study is written and taught by 6 biblical experts with specialized areas of knowledge that add a fresh perspective to well-known miracles of Jesus, including Jesus walking on water; feeding the 5,000; healing the woman with the issue of blood; healing of the 10 lepers; cursing of the fig tree, and more!
Each session begins with a brief introduction from Israel and is then shot from a variety of relevant locations, including vineyards, Rocky Mountains, Chicago’s lakefront, and more. The diverse settings become a backdrop to the teaching, deepening your understanding of each miracle.
Perfect for personal study, church small group, or Sunday school! Shop now to save over 25%.

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4 Key Features of the Miracles of Jesus DVD Study

  1. Engaging Footage of Israel—Begins with a short journey through the places Jesus walked to help you experience the historical context like never before. Travel to relevant locations, such as: Jerusalem; Sea of Galilee; Jaffa Gate; The Healing Pools; and much more!
  2. Solid and Easy-to-Understand Teaching — Imagine being able to sit down with some of today’s top scholars and hear their insight. Features experts from Wheaton College, Biola University, Talbot School of Theology and Asbury Theological Seminary.
  3. Practical Life Applications— With modern-day illustrations, thought-provoking questions, and real-life examples, these lessons will encourage your small group and congregation to put Jesus’ lessons into action.
  4. Audio Bible Reading—For the first time ever, Rose DVD study offers an optional dramatic audio Bible reading for the key text in each session.

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“Loved this study, I will never look at these miracles the same way…I would recommend this study to anyone wanting to gain a deeper meaning of the Bible.” — Donal Brock, verified customer review
“I like this DVD set…the teachers do a great job of really making the Bible come to life. There is a good balance between information, understanding, and application. The study booklets are really helpful, too. I plan to use this with my jr. high students. “— J. Matthew A. Wilcoxen , customer review
“Wonderful Bible Study. This is one of the best Bible studies I have known. It takes you much deeper than you will go on your own.” — Cindy Pflug, verified customer review
“If you are looking for biblically reliable teaching presented by first-rate evangelical scholars … look no further than the ‘Miracles of Jesus.’ They’re fantastic! “— J. Scott Duvall, Ph.D., Professor and Chair, Department of Biblical Studies, Ouachita Baptist University


Deepen Your Understanding of 6 Key Miracles of Jesus

Jesus not only preached the kingdom of God in word, but he demonstrated it in power through his miraculous deeds. This unique, in-depth look at the miracles of Jesus will open your eyes to their impact on the lives he touched, what they reveal about God’s heart, and their significance for us today.
Session Overview—

  • Session 1: The Clean Daughter— Woman with the Issue of Blood
  • Session 2: The Heartbeat of God— Turning Water into Wine
  • Session 3: Knowing the King— Feeding the 5,000/Walking on Water
  • Session 4: A Faith-full Outsider— Delivering a Young Girl from Demons
  • Session 5: Fruitless Lives— The Cursing of the Fig Tree
  • Session 6: Grateful Outcasts— Healing of the Ten Lepers

Add depth to your understanding of the New Testament with this NEW Miracles of Jesus DVD study. Get it for just $21.99 today

Miracles of Jesus DVD Sale

“Taught by seasoned scholars and teachers of the New Testament, this series of videos will help you grow in your understanding of God’s Word, find faithful applications of the text in life, and come to know Jesus better. I gladly recommend it.” — Kenneth Berding, Ph.D., Professor, Talbot School of Theology at Biola University
“It is very well done…Dr. Williams and the other teachers offer their scholarly insights in an easy and understandable way, resulting in seeing how Jesus’ miracles are relevant for us today.” — Scott E. Barber, Ph.D. Psychologist

This Ready-to-Use DVD Study Offer Everything You Need:

6 Teaching Sessions on DVD


FREE Downloadable Leader Guide


Plus! Optional participant guides are available! Perfect for personal study, church small group, or Sunday school! Click here for more information.

Find Out Fascinating Facts About the Miracles of Jesus

Find out fascinating facts as you get a solid overview of the miracles of Jesus. Enjoy learning important background information, cultural context, and incredible insight, including:

  • The tassels of Rabbis’ garments were a symbol of a leader’s authority and identity. When the woman with the issue of blood reaches out to touch the edge of Jesus’ garment; she was really reaching out to appeal to his authority.
  • One third of the Gospel of Mark is dedicated solely to the miracles of Jesus.
  • A banquet in Jewish culture is often symbolic for the coming Kingdom of God .
  • and much more!

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Miracles of Jesus DVD Sale



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