TRIVIA: Christian Symbols Quiz #1 + NEW RELEASES

It’s that time of year again! We’ve got some fantastic new titles releasing this month AND another trivia series! We know how much our friends and fans love Rose trivia so we’re bringing it back, featuring our NEW Christian symbols pamphlet!

What was the above early church symbol used for?

A. Mark places where Jesus walked

B. Identify believers in times of persecution

C. Point to local fishing areas

While you’re thinking the answer over, can we introduce you to our upcoming releases? We’re so excited to bring you 3 new pamphlets in the classic Rose style, 1 new teaching DVD like nothing we’ve released before, and 5 new biblical counseling titles from expert Dr. Gregory Jantz!

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Trivia Answer Below…

Had some time to think? If you guessed this answer, you’d be correct!:

B. Identify believers in times of persecution

What does the Christian fish symbol mean?

In times of persecution, the first Christians needed discreet symbols to identify other believers. According to tradition, when a Christian encountered a stranger, the Christian would draw half of a fish in the dirt. If the stranger then drew the other half, the Christian knew that he or she was in safe company with a fellow believer.
Fish symbols may also have been used to give directions to or mark places of worship. In the first few centuries of Christianity, believers didn’t have church buildings like today. They met mostly in homes, and in times of persecution, they even met in underground cemeteries known as catacombs. Fish engravings in the catacombs date back to the mid-second century. Learn more.
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