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Find out the history of the fish symbol and get an overview of 7 other church symbols

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From bumper stickers and key chains to t-shirts and stained glass windows, the symbol of the fish is one of the most widely used Christian symbols. But besides identifying someone as a Christian, what is its meaning? How did it become associated with Christianity?
In this week’s eChart, find out the fascinating origin and history of the fish symbol. Discover how early Christian used this symbol for protection and how they also used it to remember key information about Jesus. Then, get a quick overview of 7 symbols used throughout church history and the Bible, including the peacock, shepherds, ships, and more! Build your understanding of church history and the Bible with this week’s free eChart! This week’s eChart includes only 8 out of the 50 symbols covered in Rose’s NEW pamphlet. To find out more about the meaning and use of 50 key symbols, get the complete Rose’s NEW Christian Symbols pamphlet for just $2.50 today
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Christians for centuries have used pictures and symbols to communicate key and powerful truths about the Bible. Some are easy to understand; others are not. And over time, the full meaning of some symbols has been forgotten.
Packed with illustrations, simple explanations, and fascinating facts, Rose’s NEW Christian Symbols Pamphlet highlights 50 common symbols used throughout history. Get a simple overview of the most popular images used in the Bible such as salt and light, shepherds, communion bread and wine, and much more! Enhance your understanding of church history as you see how believers have used these images over the centuries! Perfect for individual study, small group, homeschool, or your church library.

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“In this new full-colored and illustrated pamphlet, you will see many different symbols used by Christians and a short history behind the symbols. There are symbols for the Trinity and different Christian and Biblical imagery that you may not know the meaning. This pamphlet will show the different symbols and a definition for each. I believe this pamphlet would be an asset to anyone’s reference books and library.”—Gary from Spring Grove, Rose Blogger
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Discover Fascinating Facts in Rose’s Christian Symbols Pamphlet

Christianity is often explained in symbols, parables, and metaphors. Deepen your knowledge for the Scriptures and church history as you find out fascinating facts:

  • Crosses did not become a widely-used symbol until the time of Emperor Constantine (AD. 314)
  • In times of persecution, when a Christian encountered a stranger, the Christian would draw half of a fish in the dirt and if the stranger drew the other half, the Christian knew that he or she was in safe company with a fellow believer.
  • Archaeologists have found anchor symbols on Christian tombs dating as far back as the first century.
  • Each color in the Christian flag is meaningful. White represents peace/purity. Blue represents fidelity and baptism. Red represents the blood of Jesus.

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A Simple Overview on Christian Symbols

Most people don’t have time to read through books on this topic—which is why Rose created this Christian Symbols Pamphlet. Quickly cover 50 top Christian symbols in an easy-to-understand way. Its easy-to-read format includes charts and pictures that help you quickly access information on 50 Christian symbols. For each symbol, you will see:

  • Name and Meaning
  • Full-color picture
  • Uses
  • Origin and history
  • and much more!

Perfect for individual use (pastors, church leaders, teachers, or Bible readers), small group Bible studies, New Believers classes, and discipleship! Order today and save over 35%. Shop now while supplies last.

Enjoy Having these 4 Key Features:

  1. Quick & Simple: Includes quick overviews and charts that make it easy to understand why Christian symbols are important and how they help point believers to God. Provides incredible information on 50 common Christians symbols.
  2. Solid and Trustworthy: It provides dozens of key Bible verses, research, and even archeological proof of these symbols throughout the centuries.
  3. Easy-to-Use and Convenient: Unlike books and commentaries, you can spot key information at a glance with this slimline pamphlet that fits inside most Bible covers.
  4. Packed with relevant facts: Find out about ancient and modern symbols with this pamphlet! Also, get quick answers to common concerns and questions, such as: Christian symbols are pagan.

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