11 Names for Your Identity In Christ [FREE eChart]

Free “Your Identity in Christ” eChart:
11 Names Given to Believers


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The Bible calls believers by different names throughout the Bible. Sometimes believers are called soldiers. Other times, they are called the salt of the earth. What do these names mean?
This week’s free eChart covers 11 names given to believers that will deepen your understanding of your identity in Christ . Experience the freedom and transformation of salvation like never before as you deepen your understanding of what it means to be a co-heir with Christ, God’s friend, the salt of the earth, God’s handiwork, an exile to this world, and more! Using an easy-to-follow chart format , you will quickly be able to see key information on each name, including its:

  • Meaning and application for believers today
  • Key insight and fascinating facts
  • Key Bible Verses

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Experience the peace, confidence, and joy that come from understanding your identity in Christ with Rose’s Your New Name in Christ Pamphlet. Whether you’re a new believer or a seasoned disciple of Christ, it’s important to recognize and stand firm in the truth of who God calls you to be. The Your New Name in Christ Pamphlet clearly lays out 50 names God gives to all who believe in him in easy-to-read charts. In just one quick glance, refresh and restore yourself and those around you with each name you have in Christ! Conveniently slimline, this pamphlet fits inside most Bible covers making it easy to quickly reference.
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Enjoy Having these 4 Key Features:

  1. Quick & Simple: For each of the 50 names, enjoy seeing key information at a glance with this pamphlet’s quick-reference charts, which show:
    • Simple explanation of each name or title
    • Deeper insights to each name/title
    • Bible references for your new name in Jesus Christ
  2. Solid and Trustworthy: It provides dozens of key Bible verses while answering common questions and misunderstandings about believer’s identity.
  3. Easy-to-Use and Convenient: Unlike books and devotions, you can spot key information at a glance with this slimline pamphlet that fits inside most Bible covers.
  4. Packed with fascinating facts: It includes key background information that will deepen your understanding of each name.

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Deepen Your Understanding of Your Identity in Christ by Knowing 50 Names of Believers

50 new names. 50 new ways to experience your new life in Christ! Discover your new identity in God’s names for you by digging into Scriptures and applications for each name, all on one easy-to-read chart!

You have a New Identity

  • You are a conqueror. You are God’s temple. You are an ambassador. You are the body of Christ.

Your are a New Creation

  • Forgiven, chosen, redeemed, beloved, believer, and more.

You Have a New Relationship with God

  • You are his bride. You are his friend. You are his child. You are a disciple

You have a New Role and Purpose

  • You are God’s soldier. Co-heir with Christ. Citizen of Heaven. A Holy Nation.

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Discover Fascinating Facts About Your Identity in Christ

  • You are a Disciple —This is the most common name for followers of Christ. It’s repeated over 250 times in the New Testament. It means pupil and learner.
  • You are the Church — The New Testament Greek word for church is ekklesia; it’s a combination of two words meaning “out from” and “to call.” The church is all whom Christ has called out from the world of sin and death.
  • You are the Pleasing Aroma of Christ —Sweet-smelling incense was burned during ancient Roman victories; believers are like powerful fragrances announcing Christ’s victory to the earth.

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