7 Blessings in The Lord’s Prayer


7 Blessings in The Lord’s Prayer

MATTHEW 6:9–13; LUKE 11:2–4
This is the fourth installment of our month’s focus on prayer (if you recall, earlier in May was the National Day of Prayer) and we wanted to focus on one of the most well-known prayers in the world: The Lord’s Prayer.
When Jesus’ disciples wanted to know how to pray, he taught them a prayer that is known today as “The Lord’s Prayer.” But this prayer is not so much Jesus’ prayer as it is our prayer—it is how Jesus wants all his followers to pray…

If you go to a more liturgical church, you probably are used to reciting the Lord’s Prayer with the rest of the congregation. You could recite it in your sleep! It becomes routine. How many times though have we prayed the Lord’s Prayer without actually contemplating it? Let’s take a look at 7 blessings and attributes of God we’re confessing and celebrating when we use the Lord’s Prayer:

Petition Meaning
Our Father in
heaven, hallowed
be your name,
God’s holiness comes first. We should set forth God’s
name as holy.
your kingdom
God’s sovereignty is a fact affirmed by believers. We
pray for the day when the world will see God’s rule.
your will be
done, on earth as
it is in heaven.
God’s authority extends over all his creation. We pray
for his authority to be known and obeyed in all the earth.
Give us today our
daily bread.
God’s providence for our daily needs means that we may
pray in faith that God will provide what we need or a
way to obtain what we need.
And forgive us
our debts, as we
also have forgiven
our debtors.
God’s forgiveness of our sins (debts) is possible because
of Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross. We can expect to see
God’s mercy in our lives according to how merciful we
are to others (Mark 11:25).
And lead us not
into temptation,
God’s protection from the things that will trip us up and
undo us is something we need to ask for. Whether in trial
or out of trial, we should seek God’s protection.
but deliver us
from the evil one.
God’s deliverance from enemies and especially from
death and the Devil are legitimate concerns. We can be
confident in our prayers for deliverance because we are
more than conquerors through Christ (Rom. 8:37).

Isn’t that incredible? Isn’t that enlightening? I hope this brings a new dimension to this prayer for you. Share this page with others to encourage them in their prayer lives!
Well, that concludes our series on prayer for the month! If this is your first time visiting us, here’s what you missed:

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