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Covering everything from “time heals all wounds” to “just forget about it,” this week’s FREE eChart tackles 15 myths about forgiveness. Find out what forgiveness is not and discover the difference between forgiveness and reconciliation. Then, get a brief overview on what forgiveness really means, what it looks like, and how to maintain a forgiving heart. Knowing these truths can help you (and those you know) start your journey toward true forgiveness by releasing you from false expectations.
Packed with simple summaries and key Bible verses, this free eChart covers:

  • What forgiveness is NOT (15 myths about forgiveness)
  • The difference between forgiveness and reconciliation
  • Simple explanation of forgiveness (Includes 3 keys to understanding forgiveness)

This FREE eChart is just a few pages out of June Hunt’s Forgiveness: The Freedom To Let Go book. This top-selling book covers what forgiveness really means and practical advice on how to forgive. It includes key Bible stories (Joseph), practical advice, and uplifting testimonies. Order now to save 50%
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Forgiveness: The Freedom to Let Go

Overall Rating: 5 Stars
You already know that you (and those you lead) are called to forgive others. But, even as a believer, forgiving someone who hurt us can be a hard thing to do. And knowing how to gently encourage others to show forgiveness can be difficult too—especially, when we are faced with the question—how? How can I truly forgive someone who hurt me? What does “letting it go” actually look like?
Find out the answer to these questions and more in June Hunt’s minibook. Enjoy having an easy-to-understand overview of key Bible stories on forgiveness and get dozens of practical ways to let go of anger and un-forgiveness. Whether it’s letting go of recent irritations, long-held grudges, or festering hurts, find out how you can be an expression of God’s grace by forgiving others and find the freedom He intended you to have. Perfect for personal use, small group use, or as a quick-reference!
Forgivenss: The Freedom to let Go

Included in the Bundle


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Verbal and Emotional Abuse: Victory Over Abuse

Overall Rating: 4.5 Stars
Sometimes abuse is easy to spot, but not always. Bruises from physical abuse can been seen, but the wounds from emotional abuse can be difficult to detect.
You didn’t think anyone could hurt you like this. But now that you’re in or have experienced an abusive relationship, how can things be restored? Abuse causes immense pain and can scar us emotionally. We have all been wounded by hurtful words and actions of others that we often carry with us for a lifetime. June Hunt has a message for you: it is possible to stop the pain of abuse. Find out biblical truths and practical advice on how to stop the pain of abuse, heal from the past, and foster peace in all your relationships.
Compassionate in its approach, rich with scripture, and loaded with practical advice, this easy-to-understand book covers—

  • Key characteristics of verbal and emotional abuse, words used in abusive conversations, and 11 signs of passive-aggressive behavior.
Verbal and Emotional Abuse: How to Find Victory and Healing

Included in the Bundle

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Depression: Walking from Darkness into the Dawn

Rating: 4 1/2 Stars
Do you feel the darkness of depression closing in? Do you feel like nothing can bring you true joy and peace again? Depression affects every aspect of a person’s life, making them wonder if they will ever feel normal again. June Hunt understands. As a Christian counselor, she has counseled people with depression for over 25 years. In this minibook, she explains what happens to the mind, emotions, will, and body when various forms of depression hit. Using the stories of Jonah and Elijah as a model, she explains the causes, types, and signs of depression— and she shares the good news that God can lead you through the darkness of depression into his glorious light.
Find out—

  • Causes, types, signs and effects of depression
  • What the Bible says about depression
  • Do’s and don’ts for family and friends on how to help
  • Self-tests to gauge what kind of depression you’re facing and reflective activities to help you overcome the root causes.

Included in the Bundle

  • How to combat depression spiritually and regain your hope, energy, and life again

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Anger: Facing the Fire Within

Overall Rating: 4.5 Stars
We all have times of anger, disappointment, and frustration. We know we shouldn’t stay angry, but it’s hard to know what to do with our anger. Should we cover it up…suppress it… let it go?
Most people (including Christians) have wished they handled a situation better; they want to know how to respond instead of react. But, they don’t know how. After 25 years of ministering and counseling others, June Hunt knows how to unpack truth from scriptures about the right and wrong way to deal with anger—she shares practical tips on how to deal with deep-rooted frustration and how to identify “anger cues.” She covers dozens of practical ways on how to deal with anger. Perfect for personal use, small group studies, or to hand to a friend for encouragement.

  • Biblical: Find out what the Bible says about anger—and how to respond to it. Covers key scriptures and gives a close-up look at Moses and what his life teaches about responding to anger.
  • Practical: Shares dozens of practical steps you can take to handle deep-rooted frustrations as well as everyday irritations. It includes quizzes and checklists that will help you identify unresolved anger and even anger “triggers.”
Rose Acts Pamphlet

Included in the Bundle

  • Relevant: It shares real stories and answers tough questions, such as: How can I forgive a family member that doesn’t seem sorry? What do I do if I feel anger toward God?

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Fear: No Longer Afraid

Rating: 5 Stars

When it comes to handling fear, you can only handle so much. Although others may warn us to “stop worrying so much.” It is hard to know what to do when the fear sets in and life starts stressing you out.

Get a close-up look at Gideon’s life and find out what it teaches us about fear, anxiety, and how to trust in the Lord. Find out the root causes of fear and how to overcome them. Discover how to move from fear to faith, “from panic to peace,” through a deepened understanding of the love and power of Christ in your life. Enjoy getting practical advice and biblical insight from biblical counselor, June Hunt, as she answers key questions, such as—

  • What causes fear? Is all fear bad?
  • What is the difference between fear and anxiety?
  • How can I stop living in a state of fear?
  • How can I keep from thinking negative thoughts
    that leads to fear?
  • How can I counter my fears with God’s truth?
Fear: No Longer Afraid

Included in the Bundle

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Self-Worth: Discover Your God-Given Worth

Overall Rating: 4.5 Stars
Invisible. Insignificant. Deep down, have you always felt this way but never understood why? Generally, negative self-perceptions develop as a result of being treated in ways that cause us to feel devalued by significant people in our lives. The true solution to low self-worth is to recognize the truth about your identity in Christ. Discover how to leave behind feelings of worthlessness, and experience your “true worth,” the worth you have in the eyes of your heavenly Father.
In this minibook, June Hunt defines:

  • What low self-worth looks like
  • What can sabotage true spiritual growth
  • The impact of having rejecting parents
  • How rejection from others can rule you
  • Why comparing yourself to others is costly (and how to stop)
Self-Worth: Discover Your God-Given Worth

Included in the Bundle

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Financial Freedom: How to Manager Your Money Wisely

Find out how to save money and honor God with your finances with this easy-to-understand book. Packed with practical money saving tips, proven strategies, and biblical insight, this 96-page book shows how to honor God with your personal finances, reign in your spending habits, and move out from under the burden of debt into financial freedom. Whether you personally need help achieving financial freedom or you are helping others pursue their financial goals, this quick-reference guide offers practical advice and money managing tools that are rooted in the Word of God. It includes:

  • What the Bible says about money, stewardship, giving, and tithes. (Includes key Bible verses)
  • 4 myths about money that lead to overspending and 6 common lifestyle choices that can keep you stuck in debt. Includes a checklist that will help you evaluate whether you are making wise spending decisions.
  • 5 key principles on how to manage your money, covering everything from growing in contentment to practicing self-control. (Life-application steps included.)
Financial Freedom

Included in the Bundle

  • Answers key questions on money management and financial stewardship: How can I handle my money responsibly? How can I resist the urge to spend? If I give money to God, can I expect Him to bless me with financial gain?

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Dysfunctional Family: Making Peace with your Past

Overall Rating: 5 Stars
Often times those who come from a dysfunctional family can feel doomed to repeat the same mistakes and behaviors as their parents. June Hunt emphasizes that change is possible. Using the familiar Bible story of Joseph and his brothers, June reveals how God can use one family member yielded to Him to change the dynamics of an entire family.
In this 96-page book, June Hunt explains the signs, characteristics, and impact dysfunctional families have on children’s attitudes and behavior. She presents practical ways to break the generational cycle of dysfunction—giving those who come from this background hope and equipping those who minister to them (pastor, church leader, or friend) with practical insight on how to help.

  • Includes a quick overview and key definitions. Answers What is a dysfunctional family? What is a “functional” family? How does being raised in a dysfunctional family affect future relationships?
Dysfunctional Family

Included in the Bundle

    • Reveals signs, symptoms, and common characteristics of a dysfunctional family, including chaos, control, denial, inconsistency, emotional indifference, instability, shame, and unpredictability.


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Victimization: Victory Over the Victim Mentality

Overall Rating: 5 Stars This life-changing book is perfect for those who have experienced trauma and for the pastors, leaders, and friends who want to help them.
Does a crisis from your past still affect you? Do you want to move on, but you don’t know how? Experiences from your past can leave lasting scars. Whether it was from growing up with alcoholic parents or being verbally, emotionally, or even physically abused— we often carry wounds with us for a lifetime…but you don’t have to feel powerless anymore.
As an abuse survivor and as someone who has been helping abuse victims for decades, June Hunt understands and knows firsthand that healing is a process. Get practical advice on how to put an end to the effects of victimization, including the low self-esteem, rejection, fearfulness, and sense of powerlessness. Experience the freedom and peace that comes from deepening your relationship with God as June compassionately guides you through the:

  • 8 steps to healing—from facing your past to facing your present
  • 4 stages of forgiveness, including how to forgive those who hurt you
  • Honesty test for those who may be struggling with the victim mentality
  • 6 ways to claim and accept your identity in Christ
  • And much more!

Included in the Bundle

Easy-to-read; pocket-size; loaded with key verses and encouragement. Perfect for personal use, quick-reference for leaders, counseling tool, or to hand to a friend in need.
More Info


Rejection: Healing a Wounded Heart

Overall Rating: 5 Stars
Have you walked the lonely road of rejection? If so, you know the silent cry for acceptance, that inner need for intimacy, the deep craving for closeness. Through this Christian book, learn what the causes of feeling rejected are, including abandonment, adoptions, childhood sexual abuse, disapproval, divorce, domestic violence, and bullying. But, more importantly, you will find out how to heal and overcome those painful experiences. Experience the peace that comes from knowing that your identity is in the Lord. He holds you in His compassionate hands, and you are accepted.
In this book, June Hunt weaves together relevant Bible stories, encouraging personal testimonies, and insights she gained from over 25 years in counseling to show you how to break the cycle of rejection:

  • Know whether or not you are controlled by the fear of rejection
  • Identify the outer signs of rejection often seen and felt by others
  • Stop the cycle of rejection
  • Replace rejection by reaching out to others
  • Answer common questions and concerns. (For example: Ever since my closest friend rejected me, I expect other friends to do the same. How can I keep from feeling this way?
Rejection: Healing a Wounded Heart

Included in the Bundle

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