Jesus Hidden in the Passover (Passover Starts Tomorrow!)

Passover is Typically Ignored by Christians – But Should It Be?

At most, we study the Passover feast when it’s mentioned in parts of our Bible study, whether it’s during the Exodus story or before Jesus’ crucifixion. Orthodox Jewish people continue to celebrate this festival of the Bible, but did you know that signs of Jesus are everywhere in this feast?
Our resident expert, Sam Nadler, will explain in this 4-minute video how Jesus is revealed in the Passover and how we as Christians should understand the importance of this feast:

Want to learn more? Here are some further resources we have on the Feasts of the Bible.
The Rose Publishing Feasts of the Bible series is an all-inclusive study featuring:

  • Scripture references to the feasts
  • Full Passover seder script and How to Celebrate a Christian Seder or Passover
  • Traditional recipes
  • Simple and clear teaching sessions on each of the feasts
  • and much more!



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