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In just a couple of weeks, believers around the world will celebrate Good Friday and Jesus’ redemptive work on the cross. On the day Jesus died on the cross, the earth shook violently, tombs broke open, and the separating veil was torn in two. Our sins had been paid for—but it came at an excruciating cost.
Deepen your understanding of the events leading up to Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross with this week’s free eChart. As you examine the medical effects of Jesus’ treatment on Good Friday, you will deepen your understanding of the pain he endured and be reminded of his incredible love for you. Whether you are a new believer or someone mature in your faith, this overview of Jesus’ treatment will change the way you see Good Friday as you find out the medical effects of flogging, crucifixion, the crown of thorns, and more.
Gain insight into the events of Good Friday, such as

  • The cross beam Jesus was forced to carry would have weighed approximately 100 pounds
  • The spikes driven into his wrists and feet were 5-6 inches long.

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The Easter Story Pamphlet

Overall Rating: 5 Stars
Enjoy having a fantastic overview of 20 major events surrounding the Easter story, from the Lord’s Supper to Jesus’ Death, Resurrection, and Ascension!
Refresh your church or small group study with Rose’s The Easter Story. Enjoy having a beautiful retelling of the Easter story which covers 20 key events surrounding Jesus’ death, resurrection, and ascension. Whether you use it as an outline for your Easter program, a giveaway to the congregation, keepsake for the family, or as a gift for someone special, you will enjoy this pamphlet’s full-color graphics, simple summaries, and incredible insights (including the medical effects of crucifixion). Perfect to use as a giveaway gift on Easter or for Bible studies
The Easter Story Pamphlet
  • Features simple summaries of 20 major events — covering Jesus’ Last Week, the Lord’s Supper, Jesus’ prayer in Garden of Gethsemane, Jesus’ death, resurrection, and his ascension.
  • Covers key Bible verses from the gospels of Matthew and Luke! Easily see how these gospels describe the Easter story— without having to flip back and forth.
  • Includes a simple explanation and prayer on how to enter into a personal relationship with Christ.
  • Quick-reference chart explaining the physical trauma endured by Jesus. For example, the spikes driven into Jesus’ wrists and feet were 5-6 inches long.

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Evidence for the Resurrection Pamphlet

Overall Rating: 4 Stars
As a Christian, you believe Jesus rose from the grave, but how do you respond to those who aren’t so sure— what do you say to those who ask: What if it is all made up?
This quick-reference pamphlet busts current myths and answers popular questions about Jesus’ death and resurrection. It provides clear, logical, and easy-to-understand answers referencing key scripture verses, historical Church documents, and ancient archaeology records. With its simple summaries and solid answers, you can see key information at a glance!
Enjoy getting clear answers for 11 common questions about Jesus’ death and resurrection:

  • Did Jesus even exist? Was Jesus just a man?
  • How do we know that Jesus’ followers didn’t just make it up?
  • How do we know he was crucified?
  • How do we know Jesus rose again?
Evidence for the Resurrection Pamphlet

Perfect for individual use, small groups, Sunday School classes, Easter giveaways, and more. It can also be used for follow up discussions after Easter movies, such as RISEN.

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100 Prophecies Fulfilled by Jesus Pamphlet

Overall Rating: 4.5 Stars
With Easter in just a few weeks, now’s the perfect time to see how Jesus’ death and resurrection fulfilled key prophecies! See over 100 prophecies fulfilled by Jesus at a glance!
Over a thousand years before the coming of Jesus, specific prophecies were made about the Messiah, the coming savior. Easily see how Jesus fulfilled them all with this quick-reference pamphlet! Enjoy having a clear overview of all 100 prophecies fulfilled by Jesus’ birth, life, death, and resurrection at your fingertips. Color-coded by date and packed with over 10 charts, this quick-reference pamphlet makes it easy to see when each prophecy was foretold and fulfilled at a glance! Perfect for individual use, small groups, and Easter giveaways!
100 Prophecies Fulfilled by Jesus Pamphlet

Enjoy having these key features as your fingertips:

    1. Features Over 10 Side-by-Side Charts. Easily see over 100 Old Testament prophecies alongside their New Testament fulfillment at a glance. Covers Jesus birth, life, ministry, death, and his resurrection—such as “no bone would be broken.”


    1. Color-Coded Overview: Quickly see when a prophecy was made with this easy-to-use, color-coded chart. For example: a prophecy in yellow was made 800 years before Jesus’ birth!


    1. Quick-Reference Format. Most study Bibles only show cross-references for Bible prophecies—causing you to have to flip back and forth in your Bible. Experience the convenience of seeing each prophecy written out and already shown next to its fulfillment with 10 side-by-side charts!


  1. Conveniently Small Size. This fold-out, slimline pamphlet can fit inside most Bible covers. Quickly pull it out when someone has a question or when you want to add depth to any Bible study.

100 Prophecies Fulfilled by Jesus Pamphlet
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Temple Pamphlet

Overall Rating: 4.5 Stars
Enjoy having a quick overview on the Temple and its meaning—Features stunning pictures, simple summaries, and timelines!
Easily see what the “dwelling place” of God looked like throughout the Old and New Testament with this incredible Temple pamphlet from Rose Publishing! Featuring an exclusive cut-away pictures of the Temple, this bestselling pamphlet shows what the Temple looked like inside and out. Enjoy going step-by-step through the Temple as you find out how each part points to Jesus Christ. Perfect for personal use or group Bible studies.

  • Solid Overview — Go step-by-step through the Temple, from the courtyard into the Most Holy Place. Enjoy having explanation of the furnishings, sacrifices, and High Priest.
Temple Pamphlet


      • Detailed diagram showing a bird’s eye view of the Second Temple (Herod’s Temple).


      • Easy-to-follow timeline that shows key events at a glance—covers everything from the creation of the Tabernacle to Herod’s Temple (AD 70)

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Plan of Salvation Pamphlet

Overall Rating: 4.5 Stars
The Easter season is an incredible time to share the gospel! You already know it is important to share your faith with others, but salvation can be a difficult topic to explain. So, the question is not should we share our faith —but how?
Find out how to explain the gospel in an easy-to-understand way this incredible new pamphlet— featuring dozens of simple summaries, charts, practical life applications, and illustrations (including the Romans Road)! A valuable church giveaway, this salvation pamphlet everything from salvation to discipleship, it answers key questions, including: What is the good news? How can I explain the gospel? What does it mean to be a disciple? and How can I share my faith?
Plan of Salvation Pamphlet

Enjoy having these key features at your fingertips:


  • 7 reflection questions and life applications that will help you share your faith with others

Perfect for individual use, small group Bible study, discipleship, or to hand to a new believer.
Salvation Pamphlet
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Names of Jesus Pamphlet

 Names of Jesus Pamphlet
Overall Rating: 5 Stars
Celebrate and reflect on who Jesus really is— and what it means to follow him with this easy-to-read pamphlet featuring the 50 names of Jesus.
Experience the peace that comes from focusing who Jesus is with this beautiful Names of Jesus pamphlet! Enjoy having a basic overview of all 50 names of Jesus and easily see key information at a glance with this pamphlet’s side-by-side charts. Conveniently see each of Jesus’ names —along with its Bible references, its meaning, key insights, related names, and more. Knowing and understanding the names of Jesus will enrich your time of personal devotion, prayer, and Bible study. Perfect for individual use, small groups, and to give as an Easter giveaway.
Deepen your understanding of who Jesus is by seeing what the Bible says about him. He’s your—

  • Resurrection and Life, Redeemer, Savior, Lamb of God, Messiah
  • Prince of Peace, Good Shepherd, Chief Cornerstone
  • Wonderful Counselor, High Priest, Immanuel and more!

Perfect for individual use, devotions, new believers’ class, adult Sunday school class, church giveaways. Easily fits inside most Bible covers.
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24 Ways to Explain the Gospel Pamphlet

Overall Rating: 4.5 Stars
Enjoy having 24 ways to explain the gospel at your fingertips. Great for sharing the good news or explaining your faith to others. Uses dozens of word pictures and illustrations&and features over 20 charts that show key information at a glance!
You already know that people are more open to talk about Jesus during the Easter season. Churches often encourage members to use the Easter season as an opportunity to share the good news. But, salvation can be a difficult topic to explain. Using common experiences and ideas (such as gardening, a campfire, or joining a family), this easy-to-understand pamphlet provides a clear overview of 24 different ways you can explain the Gospel. It also covers four “evangelism plans” that you can use to present the message of the Gospel in a simple yet effective way.
24 Ways to Explain the Gospel Pamphlet

Enjoy having easy-to-understand explanations and illustrations for these key truths:

  • In Jesus, we find complete forgiveness
  • Jesus promises to give us new and abundant life
  • Jesus promises to make us free from all bondage
  • Jesus promises to give us lasting peace

Perfect for individual use, Bible studies, evangelism training, new believer’s classes, giveaways, and more.
Salvation Pamphlet
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Christ in the Passover Pamphlet

Overall Rating: 5 Stars
Easter and Passover are coming up soon. It is no coincidence that Jesus’ Death and Resurrection occurred during the season of Passover. Jesus is even called our “Passover Lamb.” But, why?
From the spotless Passover lamb to the “pierced and striped” matzo bread—every practice and custom of Passover points to Jesus Christ. Passover is an important holiday that commemorates God’s miraculous rescue of Israel from Egyptian slavery. It is also important to believers today, reminding us of our miraculous rescue from sin through Jesus Christ. Easily see the meaning, significance, and symbolism of Passover at a glance with this easy-to-understand pamphlet!
Christ in the Passover Pamphlet

It includes—


  • Easy-to-understand summaries explaining how Passover symbolizes Jesus Christ. It covers the four “cups” (sanctification, plagues, redemption, and pride), the bitter herbs, the Afikomen, matzo bread, and the perfect Passover lamb.
  • The similarities between Passover and the Lord’s Supper (Fantastic way to study the “Last Supper” before Easter)
  • A Christian Passover Seder script, with everything you will need, including what to say, songs to sing, and food recipes. Perfect to use at home, in a small group, a classroom or a Bible study.

More Info


Feasts of the Bible Pamphlet

Overall Rating: 4.5 Stars

Jesus’ death and resurrection was not only foretold in prophecy. Hundreds of years before the coming of Jesus, the feasts of the Bible pointed to Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection. Enjoying having a simple overview of each feast and how they point to Jesus.
From Passover to the Day of Atonement, deepen your understanding of the true meaning of Easter as you discover the purpose, significance, and symbolism of each of the 9 feasts of the Bible. Featuring simple summaries and incredible side-by-side charts, Rose’s Feast of the Bible pamphlet simplifies each feast and provides an easy-to-understand overview, including: how it’s celebrated, why it’s celebrated, when it is celebrated as well, and it’s symbolism. It adds depth to any Old or New Testament study and is perfect for individual or small group use.
Enjoy having this quick-reference pamphlet at your fingertips—
Feast of the Bible Pamphlet

    • Quick and Simple. Features quick-reference charts that provide a clear overview of all 9 major feasts of the Bible—covers major customs, history, Old Testament reference, New Testament fulfillment, celebration date, meaning, Hebrew pronunciation, Bible reference, and more!


    • Easy-to-Understand. Find out how each feast points to Jesus (include key Bible verses)! See how the spotless Passover lamb points to Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross!


  • Up-to-Date and Convenient. This pamphlet has an updated calendar, showing the celebration date for each feast through 2020.

More Info


Prodigal Son Pamphlet

Prodigal Son Pamphlet
Through Jesus’ death and resurrection, believers are forgiven and restored into right relationship with our heavenly Father. Jesus describes this beautiful picture in the Parable of the Prodigal Son. Deepen your understanding of the good news of forgiveness with Rose’s Prodigal Son pamphlet.
As a believer, you have probably already read the Parable of the Prodigal Son. You know it reveals God’s love, mercy, and forgiveness toward you. Dig even deeper into its meaning and application with this easy-to-understand pamphlet! Packed with simple summaries, charts, and incredible cultural insights, this Bible study pamphlet will deepen your understanding of what it means to be a child of God and will equip you with practical tips, prayers, and insight on how to show God’s love to others. Easily use it as a stand-alone study or as a quick reference.

    • Easy-to-Understand: Features a clear overview of this beloved parable, explaining its meaning and application for our lives today.


    • Easy-to-Follow: Includes comparison charts that compare the attitudes of each character: the younger brother, older brother, and the father.


    • Fascinating Facts: Shares key cultural insights on “father-son” relationships, inheritances during Jesus’ time, and what “prodigal” really means.


  • Practical and Relevant: Includes prayers, psalms, and practical advice on how to pray and trust on the Lord with the prodigals within our own lives. Features reflection questions.

Perfect for personal use, teachers, pastors, New Believers Class, small group studies, discipleship, and church giveaways. Fits inside most Bible covers.
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Creeds Pamphlet

Overall Rating: 5 Stars
According to a Lifeway Research survey (2014), more than 50% of Christians misunderstand a key Christian belief, such as the Trinity or Jesus’ Resurrection. So, how did the early church deal with false teaching before? What should you do now?
From denying Jesus’ divinity to seeing the Holy Spirit as just a force, this fantastic Bible study pamphlet provides a clear overview of the false teachings encountered by early Christians and what we can learn from their response. Packed with 7 easy-to-understand charts, this pamphlet goes line-by-line through the Apostles and Nicene Creed, explaining more than 17 key beliefs.
Creeds and Heresies Pamphlet

Discover how to quickly spot false teaching and defend the gospel with this quick-reference pamphlet. Includes—

*Survey Source: “New Poll Finds Evangelicals’ Favorite Heresies” (Christianity Today, 2014).
726 unfolded

Perfect quick-reference for personal use, teachers, pastors, New Believers Class, small groups, and more.
More Info

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