7 Core Principles for Biblical Wealth and Giving [Free eChart]


FREE eChart: 7 Core Principles for Biblical Wealth and Giving

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There are over 2,350 verses on money in the Bible—that means there are more verses on money than on faith and prayer (combined). Yet, it can be hard to know how to apply these truths to your life. How can you bridge the wisdom found in the Bible with the financial decisions you are faced each day?
This week’s Free eChart summarizes 2,350 verses on money into 7 core principles on wealth and giving that can be applied to your life on a daily basis and when mapping out your future financial plans. As you dive into these 7 basic principles, you will discover that Scripture calls us not to settle at the question—”How much should I give?” But, rather it challenges us to consider “How much do I really need to keep?” Here’s just a few principles covered in this week’s free echart:

  • Giving should be voluntary, generous, cheerful, and needs-based
  • Giving generously breaks down the power of money over us
  • Everything you “own” actually belongs to God (and more!)
“It’s time for Christ-followers to understand that God has bigger purposes than increasing our standard of living—He wants us to increase our standard of giving.”
— Randy Alcorn, from the Foreword of God and Money

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newGod and Money: How We Discovered True Riches at Harvard Business School

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No matter what your salary may be, God and Money shows you how to start enjoying a lifestyle of generosity.
Two young Harvard MBAs on the fast track to wealth and success tell their story of God’s transforming power and how Scripture brought them to the startling conclusion that lead them to give the majority of their money away. Featuring a clear overview of what the Old and New Testament says about money as well as practical ways to apply biblical principles, God and Money will deepen your understanding of a key part of Christian discipleship: joyful and abundant giving.
Practical and Trustworthy! Imagine having a solid overview on what the Bible says about money as well as practical financial strategies from two Harvard MBA’s on how to map out a financial plan geared toward giving. Features:
God and Money

*100% of the author royalties goes toward Christian ministries focused on spreading the Gospel and providing for those in need*


  • Overview on Wealth and Giving in the Bible (Cover Key Verses, Lessons, and People)
  • Seven Core Principles for Biblical Giving— and Common Motivations for Giving
  • How to invest in the present, save for the future, and serve others through generosity (Includes modern-day examples of people who practice a lifestyle of generosity.)
  • Practical resources for budgeting and financial planning. Includes activities and customizable strategies on how to implement generosity based on your salary.

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What Does the Bible Say About Money and Generosity?

John Cortines and Gregory Baumer met as Harvard MBA candidates in a men’s Bible study class where they were confronted with a question— How does God want me to use my money? This fascinating and easy-to-understand book takes you along on their eye-opening exploration of scripture and reveals their final conclusion that God calls Christians to a far more radical task than building wealth. God calls them to give abundantly, and to lay aside their previous view of money as Spenders or Savers.

Greg Baumer

Gregory Baumer was a 25-year-old analyst at a Boston private equity firm pulling down $250,000 a year. Why not drop $1,000 a month for dinners out with his wife? Greg was a Spender.

John Cortines

John Cortines, meanwhile, was earning six figures as a petroleum engineer for a major oil company in Louisiana. He so delighted in the prospect of shoring up wealth for his young family that his online banking password was “retire_at_40!” John was a Saver.

God and Money includes activities to determine what money mindset (saver, spender, or servant) you tend to have and then shows you how to balance God’s call for generosity while saving for the future.
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“This is one of the most thoughtful and well researched books on giving that I have had the pleasure of reading. The frameworks presented in the book can be used by people at all stages of experiencing the joy of generosity.”—Waters Davis, President of National Christian Foundation Houston
“Biblical and practical guide to generous freedom. God and Money is not just another slick solution for ‘how to fix all your money problems now!’ God and Money is the result of a genuine work of God in the actual lives of these two humble men…They have walked this road themselves…It’s also very practical.” —Mason, Rose Reviwer
“…the most personally convicting book I have read, and I loved every word of it! I’ve always been an active member in my church, but I convinced myself that giving regularly is not necessary because I give so much of my time instead. … I promised God that I’d start giving more when I have more to give! “God and Money” opened my eyes and challenged me to stop waiting until I have “more” and make it work now. “— Marrell Wiggins, Rose Reviwer
“In God and Money, Baumer and Cortines challenge Christians readers to consider afresh what generosity looks like in light of the Scripture’s radical teaching and the day of affluence in which we live…you will be challenged and inspired.”— Robert L. Plummer, Ph.D., Professor, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary
“I greatly enjoyed reading God and Money! God used the framework Greg and John described to challenge my perspective and practice of generosity. I realized in reading their book that my personal bias is more saver and spender than servant. What I truly desire to be is a fully surrendered servant of Jesus. This book gave me practical frameworks to move in that direction.”—Todd Harper, President, Generous Giving

Enjoy Having Practical Tools to Manage Your Money Wisely— So You Can Give Generously

Packed with tables, charts, graphs, and a quiz, the practical applications in God and Money are backed with scripture, data, research, and clear illustrations to help you discover what it means to honor God with your wealth. God and Money will teach you—

  • How to set budgets for spending
  • How to wisely steward your money
  • How to save for your future—home ownership, retirement, higher education, etc.
  • What the Bible says about tithing
  • Also includes additional free downloadable tools and resources to create your own personalized giving plan!

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