Congratulations 30-Day Bible Plan Readers!

Congratulations, warrior in the Word! You’ve finished the 30-Day Bible Reading Challenge. Whether you had a perfect score with not-a-day missed or you played catch-up, we’d like to present this certificate to celebrate your amazing achievement. But this reached goal isn’t just a check off the list, or a trophy on your shelf– it’s so much more…
You already know it takes approximately 21-days or 3 weeks to build a habit. By finishing the 30-Day Bible Challenge, you’ve actually completed 4 weeks of habit-building and we don’t want to just leave you there (scroll down for the entire year’s plan for FREE!)
Our hope in launching the annual Bible reading challenge is to inspire believers of all ages to dive into the Word and to be transformed by the power of Christ.

Did You Complete the Challenge?

Please celebrate with us by commenting with “I finished!” and printing the below certificate out!
30 Day Bible Reading Certificate
As pastors, church leaders, parents, and all of the many roles you have, you might forget the certificate in the busyness of your life. Hang or frame it somewhere to encourage your Bible reading! This certificate is more than just a bragging right or a badge of honor–it’s a milestone in your walk with God to commemorate the start of a new journey! No more excuses of “I just don’t have the time” or “I don’t think I have the discipline.” 😉

Did You Miss Out?

Maybe you’re just joining us now or you missed a few updates; never fear! We’ve got all the helpful Bible study posts from the challenge right here. Explore–

Read the Whole Bible in a Year!

Did you enjoy using our one-month Bible reading plan? Well, you’re in luck! We have a One-YEAR plan just for you–it includes THREE different reading plans specially designed to guide you through the entire Bible in just 365 days, over and over again! Click here for more information.
To help you and those teach keep up with your daily Bible readings, we would like to give you one out of the three plans here: FREE one-year Bible reading plan. We hope it can help give you the tools to keep your appointment with God.



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