What Exactly Is Fasting? [FREE eChart]

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Hey Bible-Reading Plan Challengers!
How are things going? We hope and pray that your time in the Word has been incredibly fruitful and that you’ve found our posts helpful, enlightening, and amusing! Can I give you something for free? Of course I can–who doesn’t like free?!
We hope that through the course of studying God’s Word that you have deepened your desire and hunger to learn more about the Lord. One way that the Bible recommends is fasting! If you don’t know what fasting is, or how it’s done, never fear: we’ve got just the eChart for you! Click to Read More!

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Whether you are fasting for Lent or simply desiring to learn more about this important spiritual discipline, enjoy getting a basic overview on fasting with this week’s Free eChart. Get solid answers to 3 key questions: What is fasting? Does Jesus want me to fast? and Is there a wrong way to fast? Packed with key Bible verses and a chart, this free eChart will guide you into a deeper understanding of the true purpose of fasting and exposes common motivations for fasting— that don’t actually please God. Share this incredible eChart with your friends and family.
4 Ways Fasting Impacts Your Walk with God

  • Fasting nurtures a deeper sense of intimacy with God
  • Fasting exposes weaknesses, compelling you to rely on God
  • Fasting as a form of worship
  • Fasting is a way of asking God to move powerfully in your lives and the world

This is just 2 pages from the NEW Fasting pamphlet from Rose, which provides a more in-depth overview on Fasting, such as the 4 types of fasts, how to fast, practical fasting tips, prayer and fasting, as well as an overview chart of 17 Bible stories on fasting. Get the complete What the Bible Says About Fasting pamphlet for JUST $2.50 Today Only!
Please Note: Our eCharts are provided as a free service. Any order from Rose-Publishing.com is appreciated!

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newWhat the Bible Says About Fasting Pamphlet

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See key information on fasting at a glance! Features dozens of Bible verses on fasting and over practical tips on how to fast!
You already know that many Christians use the time before Easter to fast and pray—making now the perfect time to deepen your understanding of this key spiritual discipline. Enjoy having a solid overview on fasting at your fingertips that covers not only how and why to fast— but answers common questions. Deepen your understanding of fasting and see key information at a glance with this quick-reference pamphlet packed with charts, dozens of fasting verses, and practical tips! Great for personal or group Bible study!
Enjoy getting solid answer to key questions on fasting:

  • What is fasting? Why should I fast?
  • Does Jesus say we are required to fast?
  • What’s the “Daniel fast?”
  • How can I fast and what is the right way to fast?
“Great resource on the subject of fasting. The biblical references are spot on. This should only be a quick reference for those who truly want to know what the Bible says about fasting.” —Robert Bock, Rose Reviewer

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An Simple Overview on Fasting…

Both mature and new believers often struggle with fasting, even though they know it’s important. Some are not sure they are doing it “right.” Others avoid it, not sure it is a necessary for their walk with God. Imagine seeing all you need to know at a glance and experience the convenience of having key references in one place.

  • What is fasting? Why should I fast? (Explains 4 reasons why you should fast)
  • How to Fast? (Includes practical tips on what to do before, during and after your fast.)
  • 4 Types of Fast (Including “no food” fast and even technology fast)
  • People Fasting in the Bible—Includes a chart that covers 17 key people of the Bible who fasted, why they fasted and what happened:
    • David, Nehemiah
    • Daniel and the “Daniel fast”
    • Jesus and His 40-Day fast
    • Anna, Paul, the nation of Israel (and more!)

Perfect for individual use (pastors, church leaders, teachers, or Bible readers), small group Bible studies, New Believers classes, and discipleship! Order today and save over 35%. Shop now while supplies last.

“A balanced approach to fasting! So, many questions arise: Is it Biblical? Is it required? What are its purposes? Are there different types of fasting? Are there wrong ways of going about fasting? All of these questions, and more, are answered.”—Beverley Webster, Church Leader, Rose Review
NEW Fasting Pamphlet for 55% OFF

Enjoy Having these 4 Key Features:

  1. Quick & Simple: Includes quick overviews and charts that make it easy to understand what fasting is, how to start fasting, why fasting is important, what fasting IS NOT, and more! Features a chart covering over 17 Bible stories on fasting.
  2. Solid and Trustworthy:: It provides dozens of key Bible verses while answering common questions and misunderstandings.
  3. Easy-to-Use and Convenient: Unlike books and commentaries, you can spot key information at a glance with this slimline pamphlet that fits inside most Bible covers.
  4. Packed with relevant facts: Covers safe guidelines for fasting, including what to do before, during, and after your fast.

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