Prosperity Gospel or Prosperity Giving?

God is concerned with our personal lives and the state of our relationships. He’s also very concerned with the conditions of the rest of the world, so we figured we’d start the week off by broadening our perspectives…
The BBC released a report* stating that the wealth of the richest 1% is now equal to that of the rest of the world combined. Taking cash assets, debt, and mortgages into account, Oxfam–a British group of organization dedicated to finding solutions to poverty–sourced data from Credit Suisse to reach these shocking conclusions.

Who are the 1%?

BBC gave an example to help us figure out whom these 1-percenters are: “That means that if you own an average house in London without a mortgage, you are probably in the 1%.” Having $760,000 or more in cash assets puts you in that 1%. Don’t click away just yet: if you have $68,000 puts you in the top 10%.
Oxfam also calculated that as of 2016, the total net worth of the 62 richest people on the planet is greater than the 3.5 billion poorest in the planet! That’s half the globe!
If you’ve read even a few Bible stories, you’ve noticed that God is in the business of turning the world upside down. He did this with Moses, a murderer with a poor public speaking skills that freed the nation of Israel from slavery. Many of us are taking this day in remembrance of Martin Luther King Jr., a Baptist minister from Atlanta, who changed the direction of the American Civil-Rights movement forever. Jesus prophesied that the first shall be last and the last shall be first.
So according to the BBC article, we have a handful of rich people who have more money than the rest of the planet’s population combined, yet there are millions living in desperate conditions. Is this the way God designed the world to be?

God’s Purpose: Prosperity Gospel or Prosperity Giving?

Did you know that he Bible contains roughly 500 verses on prayer and faith, but well over 2,000 verses on money, and approximately 40% of Jesus’ parables deal with money? Recently, some of the wealthiest and most innovative people in the world have been pledging to give the majority of their money away. From Bill and Melinda Gates of the Windows empire to the king of social media, Mark Zuckerberg, a handful of influencers have been taking a stand for change. Whether or not they’re motivated by Christian influences, did you know that this is what the Bible asks all of us to do?
Earning 6-figure salaries by their mid-twenties, authors and Harvard MBA graduates John Cortines and Gregory Baumer were on the fast track to wealth and success when they began searching the Bible for God’s purposes for money. They came to this shocking conclusion: God’s wanted them to give the majority of their money away to those in need–and that’s what they did.

Great Book for a Great Cause

4130X_LgCortines and Baumer share the scriptural basis for what Gates, Zuckerberg, and many more are doing, but there’s far too much evidence to share in one blog post or even a series! Which is why we’re publishing the book God and Money: How We Discovered True Riches at Harvard Business School. Learn to set healthy spending and saving budgets to give to your fullest potential! Not only will you be able to apply God’s principles to your faith and finances, but all proceeds will go to a great cause: in the spirit of radical generosity, 100% of authors’ royalties will be donated to Christian ministries focused on spreading the Gospel and providing for God’s children.
God and Money releases February 8, 2016, but you can pre-order it on Amazon or now!

Download Chapter 1 for FREE at


* Oxfam says wealth of richest 1% equal to other 99%



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