12 Days of Christmas Trivia Contest – Day #8

We’ll be announcing the winner of the contest in less than a week! How do you think you’ve been doing with the questions? 🙂 Do you feel like your Bible knowledge is getting tested?
For those of your joining us for the first time, for the next 4 days (up till Christmas) we’ll be posting one trivia question per day related to our 12 days of Christmas devotion! The prize? Our bestselling genealogy book, Jesus Family Tree ($26.99 value!) One winner will receive a PDF of our beloved big book and two runners up will get the PDF pamphlet 100 Prophecies of Jesus! Click here for Contest Rules.

Eighth Day of Christmas: 8 People on the Ark

We could almost create a 12 days of Christmas series with all the numbers in the ark story!

Noah, his sons, and their wives were to enter the ark and bring two of all living creatures and seven of every clean animal and bird, male and female, to keep them alive. They were to take food to eat and store away for themselves and the animals. The animals came to Noah and entered the ark.–Genesis 7:1-10

Early Flood Stories

Accounts of a massive flood are known from many ancient cultures, and they lend support to the reality of the event. Here are two of the most well known stories:
Sumerian King List: The Sumerians ruled in Mesopotamia before Abraham. The fact of a flood was so ingrained in their history that they included it in their list of Sumerian kings, found on clay tablets dating to about 2100 BC in Mesopotamian ruins.
The kings are divided into two groups–those who ruled before a great flood, and those who ruled after it. The king list says, “After the flood had swept over the earth…”
The lengths of reigns (and life spans) of these kings drastically decreased after the flood, as did the life spans of people recorded in the Bible.
The Gilgamesh Epic of the Babylonians: This long saga of an ancient Babylonian king, Gilgamesh, includes a story of a massive flood which contains several similarities to the account in Genesis. The best-known ancient copy of the Epic was found at Nineveh on a series of baked clay tablets. “Tablet 11” tells of a great flood and a hero who is told to build a ship into which “all living things” were to be brought. He used birds to check if the water had receded.

Trivia Question

See Today’s Trivia Question Here!:
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Noah’s Ark Pamphlet

The Noah’s Ark Pamphlet includes a fold-out picture that compares the massive Ark to common objects. Noah’s Ark was longer than a football field or a soccer field, in fact 50 feet longer. Noah’s Ark was 450 feet long (138 meters), and 75 feet wide (23 meters). Noah’s Ark was wider than a semi-trailer truck.
This Noah’s Ark Pamphlet shows you the inside of Noah’s ark based on the biblical description. What we know about the layout and floor plan of the Ark is shown in this fold-out Noah’s Ark picture: We know the dimensions, the height, length, and width. We know it had 3 decks, and that Noah’s Ark held animals for more than a year. This incredible Noah’s Ark diagram is perfect for Sunday school lessons, Bible studies, and homeschool curriculum.
The Noah’s Ark Pamphlet is full-color, 8.5 x 5.5 inches, unfolds to 33 inches long. Fits inside most Bible covers.



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