DISCOVERED: Seal Impression of King Hezekiah in Jerusalem


Kings and ProphetsThe latest in biblical archaeology is making the presses today! A seal impression of King Hezekiah of Judah was found in an excavation in Jerusalem near the Temple Mount. Approximately 2,700 years old, this seal was most likely set in a ring and reads “Belonging to Hezekiah [son of] Ahaz king of Judah.” The seal also depicts a winged sun and two ankh symbols, important symbols in Assyrian culture that denote protection from God and life, respectively.
A vassal of the Assyrian empire, King Hezekiah was the son of King Ahaz and experts estimate that he ruled the Southern Tribes from about 715-686 BC. Click here for a full chart of the Kings and Prophets of the Old Testament.
Seal impressions like this have surfaced before, so what makes this so groundbreaking? Well, this is the first time that a seal impression like this has been scientifically documented: Eliat Mazar of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem announced, “This is the first time that a seal impression of an Israelite or Judean king has ever come to light in a scientific archaeological excavation.”
So what does this all mean? King Hezekiah is mentioned throughout the book of 2 Kings. This seal impression historically verifies existence of a king named Hezekiah at the same time that the Bible claims he lived and reigned! King Hezekiah is also listed in the genealogy of Jesus, so there’s yet another implication! Pretty cool, right?
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