Did You Know? – The Bible’s Many Forms + FREE eChart!

Ever wonder how God’s Word got from ancient writing on stone tablets to that neatly bound book in modern English that you have beside your journal? Check out this easy-to-read chart from our Rose Book of Charts, Maps and Time Lines Vol. 1!
Print it out and hand it out to your class or Bible study group!
How We Got the BibleLooking for the ‘it’ gift for that favorite pastor or church leader? You want to get them something special to show them appreciation for all the work they’ve put in this past year, something more personal than a card or a gift certificate. Look no further! Check out our Rose Big Book bundle below and snag it before Black Friday hits! Only available through Rose Publishing!

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Customer Rating:5 Stars

Early Bird Special, Save $70! Get ALL 6 of Rose’s bestselling reference books, including the NEW Edition of Book of Charts Vol. 1 — For Just $99 (Reg. $169.94). Discover all you need to know about hundreds of key Bible topics at a glance with these fully-reproducible books!
Packed with quick-reference charts, full-color maps, simple summaries, and detailed diagrams—these bestselling reference books will add depth to any Bible study, and make it easier to explain the Bible to others!

    • Life of Jesus; Armor of God; Spiritual Gifts; 12 Disciples; Book of Revelation
  • Islam; Christianity, Cults, and Religions; Who I am in Christ; Spiritual Disciplines, etc!

Features FULLY-REPRODUCIBLE pages (make up to 300 copies). Perfect for pastors, church leaders, teachers, or for anyone who wants to dig deeper into the Bible. Save $70 when you order the “Best of Rose” Bundle today

“…make[s] Biblical study and research 100 times easier.”Dr. Wesley B Rose, Director Early Christian Studies Scripture Institute
“Wow! They have taken it to new levels of readability and clarity. I wish I had this book in seminary. It is the kind of quick reference book that would have saved me hours.”Steve Lucas, Active Church Leader, Rose Review

Don’t Wait! Save $70 when you order this incredible 6-book bundle of Rose bestsellers today! This is your short-cut to having a fully-stocked reference library! You don’t have to wait until Black Friday to take advantage of this Early Bird Deal! Hurry! Offer good while supplies last!


Free eChart: 20 Attributes of God

Celebrate this Thanksgiving by Thanking God for Who He Is— One Attribute at a Time!

Send this printable PDF to your friends, family, pastors, worship directors, church leaders, children Sunday School leaders, and small group members FOR FREE!
Experience the peace, joy, and overwhelming gratitude that come from a healthy understanding of who God is with this week’s Free eChart.
Thanksgiving is often a time to reflect on the goodness of God by acknowledging the many blessings He has given to us. Many believers use this time to thank God for their family, their health, their jobs, their home, or simply life itself. But, when was the last time we used Thanksgiving to thank God just for who He is? This week free eChart lists 20 characteristics of God that will inspire praise, worship, and true thanksgiving. Deepen your understanding of 3 key characteristics of God as you meditate on what it means to serve our God, who is eternal, who never changes, and who is always present! Enjoy having:

  • Overview chart that lists 20 characteristics of God
  • Simple explanation of 3 characteristics of God that are unique to just Him
  • 3 reflections that you can use on your own, with your small group, or with your family.

This week’s FREE eChart is just 2 pages out of Rose’s Book of Bible Charts, Vol. 3— a 220-page reference book that covers 27 key Bible topics at a glance. This is just 1 of the 6 bestselling books included in today’s Early Bird Bundle Special.Order this “Best of Rose” Bundle and Save $70
Please Note: Our weekly eCharts are provided as a free service, but it does cost us time and money to create and send these emails. Any order from Rose-Publishing.com is appreciated!


Pre-Black Friday Special
Save $70 on This Best of Rose Bundle

Here’s a short description of each of the bestselling books included in this 6-Book “Best of Rose” bundle— Just $99 Today (Reg. $169.64)


Rose Book of Bible Charts, Vol. 1 (Updated)

Book of Bible Charts, Vol. 1 (Updated Anniversary Edition)Overall Rating: 5 Stars
The #1 Bible Reference book celebrates its 10th anniversary with an updated 230-page expanded edition that features even MORE Bible maps and charts!
Easily cover 50 Bible topics with this easy-to-use, full-reproducible book. Packed with MORE charts, maps, and timelines than the original, this expanded edition includes new features and updated information that will add depth to any Bible study. Enjoy having 100’s of fascinating facts at your fingertips!

  • Features over 200 reproducible charts, maps, and timelines! (That’s 37 MORE than the original!)
  • Find out fascinating facts on 6 new added topics, including: 52 Key Bible Stories, Prayer, Essential Doctrine, 12 Tribes of Israel, and more!
  • Get all the Bible charts that made the original a favorite—but improved with up-to-date information, enhanced styling, added pictures, and a better format.
    • Tabernacle; Temple; Names of God; Feasts of the Bible
    • Life of Jesus; Armor of God; 12 Disciples; Book of Revelation
    • Islam; Christianity, Cults, and Religions; and more!

Bonus! Enjoy having 3 Fold-Out Posters—Bible Timeline, Tabernacle, and Jesus’ Family Tree (24″)

“I happen to own the first edition, which is awesome, but this anniversary edition looks fresher and has so much more valuable content. I was especially pleased to see that Rose included their NEW Genealogy of Jesus Christ fold out, as I love this!”—Kathy Chambers, Church Leader, Rose Review

More Info


Rose Book of Bible Charts, Volume 2

Book of Bible Charts, Volume 2Overall Rating: 5 Stars
Covers 30 key Bible topics in one easy-to-use, reproducible book! Quickly find out what you need to know at a glance with this book’s helpful visual aids. Fantastic for personal use, Bible studies, Sunday school lessons, and homeschool curriculum! Each page is fully-reproducibile—making it easy to share information with your friends, small group members, and students.
Features Bible charts on 30 key topics not covered in Volume 1 or 3, including—

“I found the charts, maps and information in this book invaluable… The maps have overlays showing the countries then and now. I expect to find it just as useful in studying the New Testament with its information on the disciples, Paul’s journeys, etc. The information is presented interestingly and colorfully…Very useful for teaching.” — Kay Hinds, Verified Amazon Customer Review

More Info


Rose Book of Bible Charts, Volume 3

Rose Book of Bible Charts, Volume 3Rating: 5 Stars
Discover all you need to know about 27 key Bible topics with this visually-stunning, fully-reproducible book! Its full-color diagrams and timelines show loads of information at a glance, making them great study tools and visual aids for individual or group Bible study, Sunday school lessons, and homeschool curriculum.
Features Bible Charts on 27 key topics not covered in Volume 1 or 2, such as—

      • Who I Am in Christ
      • Attributes of God, Spiritual Disciplines, and Spiritual Gifts(test included)
      • Parables of Jesus and what the Bible says about forgiveness, money, and prayer
      • Creeds (The text and meaning of the Apostles’ Creed, Nicene Creed, etc)
      • The Lord’s Supper (Compares 3 views of Communion)
      • Bible Character Studies: Joseph, Moses, and David
      • Old Testament Bible Studies: Psalms, Proverbs, Ruth, Esther, and more!
    • New Testament Bible Studies: Acts, Romans, James, Revelation, and more!

BONUS MATERIAL: Jerusalem Time Line (24″ foldout) and One-Year Bible Reading Plans (Gives 3 Options on how to read the Bible in a year)

“Graphically stunning and brimming over with biblical teachings…[it] is a delightful treat for anyone wanting to know more of what God has for them. Strengthen your personal or Church resource library with this exciting new product.”— Wayne Newcomb, Retired Pastor, Church Leader, and Team Rose Representative

More Info


Rose Guide to End-Times Prophecy

Rose Guide to End-TimesRating: 4.5 Stars
According to a nation-wide Barna study, over 77% of evangelical Christians believe we are living in the end-times. With so many people talking about the end-times, enjoy having a solid overview.
When will Jesus return? And when is the Rapture? Bible prophecy says that Jesus will come again, and Christians for centuries have wondered (and disagreed) when and how that will take place. Enjoy having an easy-to-understand overview of ALL the key Scriptures on end-times prophecy throughout the Bible. PLUS, get unbiased explanations on each of the 4 different end-times views held by Christians—includes dozens of full-color pictures, charts, and time lines not found anywhere else.

  • A solid, easy-to-understand overview of ALL Bible prophecies about the end times! Easily navigate through the book of Revelation, the book of Daniel, and other key Bible passages.
  • More than 50 charts, diagrams, and timelines showing key information at a glance!
  • Simple explanations on each of the 4 different ways that Christians interpret the end-times.
  • Includes simple summaries of key symbols in the Book of Revelation, including:
    • Mark of the Beast, 666, Anti-Christ, 7 Seals, the 7 Churches, 144,000
    • Persecuted Woman, the 7 Trumpets, the 7 Bowls, Great Prostitute
    • Fall of Babylon, New Heaven and New Earth, Healing of the nations (and more!)

“Dr. Timothy Paul Jones provides a simplified, unbiased and clear overview of end-times prophecies. His refreshing, informative and balanced approach combines with stunning artwork, colorful charts, pictures and diagram streamlines an otherwise mysterious and confusing topic.” — Gail Welborn, Reviewer for The Examiner

More Info


Rose Guide to the Tabernacle

Rose Guide to the TabernacleOverall Rating: 5 Stars
Features hundreds of facts, illustrations, charts, and diagrams not available in other books! Its 8 clear plastic overlays allow you (and your students) to easily “see inside the Tabernacle.”
Easily find out how the sacrifices, utensils, and even the structure of the Tabernacle were designed to point to Jesus Christ. Gain insight into Jesus’ life, his death, and his resurrection and, easily see the parallels between the Old Testament sacrifices and Jesus’ service as the perfect sacrifice. Use as a stand-alone study or to add depth to any Old or New Testament study. Features:

Buy Rose Guide to the Tabernacle, Get the PDF FREE!

“As a teacher of Bible studies, I found this wonderful teaching tool and must say it is extremely well done, connecting the dots from the Old Testament tabernacle in the wilderness to the Cross of Christ. The presentation is excellent…There are timelines, genealogies, drawings, and clear plastic overlays that are invaluable.” —Meriam Matthews, customer review on Amazon

More Info


Rose Book of Bible and Christian History Time Lines

Rose Guide to End-TimesRating: 5 Stars
Easily covers over 6,000 years of history at a glance with this 20-foot, full-color timeline — and conveniently compare Bible, World, and Christian history side-by-side!
Covering everyone from Adam and Eve to Cleopatra and Aristotle, this easy-to-follow timeline provides an overview of 300 key dates, events, and people throughout Bible and world history This incredible pullout, 20-foot timeline not only covers events from Genesis to Revelation, it also covers church history, including the expansion of Christianity, persecution of Christians around the world, as well as the history of Bible translation. Featuring full-color pictures and easy-to-read print, it is printed on heavy chart paper and can be taken out of the book, and unfolded out to full length. (Genesis — AD 2000).
Find out fascinating facts:

  • Jonah lived during the time of the first recorded Olympic games.
  • The first indoor bathroom plumbing was at the time of Isaac and Jacob.
  • Confucius, Buddha, and the Prophet Daniel all lived at the same time.
  • Mount Vesuvius erupted and buried Pompeii during the Apostle John’s lifetime

Great Study Tool! It is great to be able to see where the Bible timeline fits in with what was happening in the world at the same time. It was recommended by our pastor. The way it folds out into a long timeline is wonderful” — P. Leaman, Customer Review on Amazon

More Info


Save $70 on This Best of Rose Bundle!

Hurry! Save $70 when you get all 6 of Rose’s bestselling reference books for Just $99 (Reg. $169.94). You don’t have to wait until Black Friday to take advantage of this Early Bird Deal! Be the first to get it now before the Black Friday rush and while supplies still last.



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