Did You Know? – Paul of Tarsus

Let’s kick off this holiday week with not just food for your body, but food for your mind and soul! We’re giving away maps, charts, and great did-you-knows from our books right here! Subscribe to our blog or keep checking back for more bite-sized trivia that you can share with your friends! And pay attention! You may never know when a *contest* with a great prize is coming… Knowing these fun facts may come in handy! 😉
For day 1, here’s one of our beloved Then & Now® maps of Paul’s world from our Deluxe Then and Now Bible Maps book!
Once again, keep checking back for more Did You Know facts! It’s also a great way to keep a pulse on our pre-Black Friday sales before our inventory runs out!


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Many Bibles don’t come with full-color maps— and when they do, they are usually stored in the back and only show the position of cities during Bible times, making it difficult to see where Bible places are located today.
Enjoy having easy-to-read, full-color maps at your fingertips! Featuring over 25 full-color maps— the Deluxe Edition provides three times MORE maps than Rose’s original Bible map book and features clear plastic overlays that show the location of modern day cities and countries in red. With its larger print, easier-to-read maps, and quick-reference charts— this is one the best map resources available!
Now you can easily see where Bible places are located today. Enjoy having:

  • Over 25 easy-to-read maps, covering the Holy Land, the Middle East, Paul’s missionary journeys, and more.
  • Over 8 clear plastic overlays that show today’s cities and countries in red.
  • CD-ROM of all the Bible maps and modern-day boundaries in PDF and JPG format so you can download, print, or even put Bible maps in your own teaching material.
  • See fascinating facts at a glance with its charts, diagrams, and timelines, such as: Abraham’s home town, Ur, was in the area of Southern Iraq today.

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“Wonderful resource that I use frequently. I love how when you pull the transparency page over the Bible page, you can see what that particular country, city, or area looks like today. I’ve shown it to friends who have said, “You mean that cit/Volumes/Marketing/01%20Email/01%20Rose%20Email/email/2015/email1301%20Black%20Friday/email1301A_email.htmy is still there today!?” Such a terrific resource! I love it!”— Sonshine, Amazon customer review


“Bible maps that are easy to follow and understand! I am a Bible teacher and I found this book a good resource to use when preparing lessons without having to go to other sources.” —Gary Breter, Amazon Customer Review


“The colors are vivid and very distinctive. Excellent tool for both teachers and students.”—Sharon Thrower Malone, customer review on Amazon

Find Fascinating Facts at a glance, such as—

  • Abraham’s home town, Ur, was in the area of Southern Iraq today.
  • The ruins of Nineveh are in Northern Iraq.
  • Noah’s Ark probably landed in the area of eastern Turkey.
  • The Magi (wise men) were probably from Iran or Saudi Arabia.
  • Daniel was taken as POW to Iraq and lived there the rest of his life.
  • Also, covers over 100 key events of Jesus’ life, the Tabernacle, and more!

Perfect for individual use or small group study! Get Rose’s Deluxe Map Book for Just $14.99

Easily See Where Bible Places are Today with 25 Full-Color Bible Maps

Old Testament Bible Maps:

  • Middle East, Holy Land (Old Testament), Babylonian Kingdoms, and Persian Empire.
  • Abraham’s journeys, Jacob’s journey, Joseph journey, Exodus route, Jerusalem during the reign of King David and Solomon, and more.

New Testament Bible Maps:

  • The Holy Land during the time of Jesus (and a list of where Jesus walked)
  • Map of Jerusalem at the Time of Jesus
  • Paul’s Missionary Journeys (Roman Empire at AD 60)
  • Journeys of Peter and Philip
  • Expansion of Christianity in the Roman Empire
“It’s just what I’ve been wishing for. I can see Bible places in relation to other Bible places as well as where that fits in our present day world. I check it out almost daily with my Bible readings.”—Dawn Jackson, customer review on Amazon


Enjoy having charts and timelines that show loads of information at a glance:

“This is a great tool for personal Bible study and for teaching as well. The maps with their modern day overlays really bring clarity to understanding the history found in God’s Word as well as giving the recored events a more powerful meaning. The maps are reproducible for teaching purposes.” — Greg B., customer review on Amazon


“This has been a great book for us this year. The transparent overlays are great for drawing on with a dry erase marker to show the specific travels that we were reading about. Very well done!”—Diana W., customer review on Amazon

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