Make This “Sweet” Card for Pastor Appreciation Month!

October is Pastor Appreciation month! Here’s a sweet idea from RoseKidz that you and the kids or grandkids can use to show your pastors they’re cared for!

Giant Candy Bar Card

  1. Visit your local grocery store and pick up anywhere from 3-10 candy bars. It’s helpful if the names of the candy bars can be used in multiple ways (you’ll be really good at this if you can think of puns quickly!)
  2. Find or purchase a large piece of cardstock paper or cardboard that you can write on with a marker.
  3. On a separate piece of paper, write a first draft using the names of the candy bars you bought at the store. Here’s an example with the candy bar names in [brackets]:

    Dear Pastor ____,
    We are [Extra] thankful to have you! We wouldn’t trade you for [100 Grand] and you bring us [Mounds] of [Almond Joy]! We are grateful your kind words and encouragement when we’re in a [Crunch] and you bless us to [Reese’s Pieces] with your [Good and Plenty] sermons and friendship! We appreciate you to the [Milky Way] and back!
    The Bible [Nerds]

  4. Copy the letter onto the cardstock or cardboard, leaving space to tape or glue the candy bars in their places. Voila! You’ve got a sweet card for your pastor! 🙂

Happy crafting!

Check out our Pinterest board for more creative ways to bless your pastor!

Screen Shot 2015-10-06 at 2.45.06 PM

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