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How We Got the Bible
Customer Rating:5 Stars

According to a nation-wide study released by the American Bible Society (2014), almost half of all Americans do not trust the accuracy of the Bible. Many wonder: Does it have errors in it? Was it tampered with? and What should I say to those who question it?
Find out how to easily answer popular questions about the Bible’s reliability and history with this ready-to-use, all-inclusive How We Got the Bible DVD Study! In this exciting 6-session DVD study, Dr. Timothy Paul Jones answers tough questions about the Bible’s reliability in an easy-to-understand way as he guides you through the basic history of the Bible. Dive into the the fascinating stories of Tyndale, Wycliffe, King James, Dead Sea Scrolls, and more! Perfect for personal, small group, and church-wide programs.
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Key Benefits:

  • ENGAGING—Dive into the exciting stories of Tyndale, Wycliffe, Gutenberg, the King James Bible, Dead Sea Scrolls, and more! Includes stunning visuals and supplemental video clips!
  • EASY-TO-UNDERSTAND—Get a solid overview on the history of the Bible and find out how to answer critics’ common claims, such as: The Bible wasn’t translated correctly and now has over 400,000 errors in it.
  • FASCINATING FACTS—Enjoy discovering fascinating facts, such as: There is more than 99% agreement between all of the known manuscripts of the Bible.
  • ALL-INCLUSIVE—Anyone can lead this all-inclusive kit that features ready-to-use teaching DVD; a leader guide; participant guide; PowerPoint; and more!

Perfect for Bible studies, small groups, adult Sunday school curriculum, New Believer’s classes, etc.
How We Got the Bible DVD
This is your short-cut to understanding the history of the Bible and its reliability!

“Dr. Timothy Paul Jones has created a helpful and easy-to-follow DVD series showing that the Bible can be trusted. It is helpful for skeptics who are unsure about the reliability of the Bible, but also for believers who want to go deeper in their faith.” — Sean McDowell, PhD, Assistant Professor at Biola University
“How We Got the Bible is a masterful presentation on the origin, trustworthiness, and history of the Bible. With clarity and wit, Dr. Timothy Jones answers key questions on how the Bible came to be. You’ll treasure your Bible more after this study.” — Dr. Diana Severance, Director of Dunham Bible Museum (Houston, Tx)

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Top Proof Confirming the Bible’s Reliability!

Watch the Dead Sea Scrolls Video from How We Got the Bible DVD


Session 3: How We Got the New Testament DVD Study FREE
Can we trust the Bible? Wasn’t it tampered with? Quickly see why the Dead Sea Scrolls are considered one of the most important archaeological finds that confirm the Bible’s reliability!

Packed with fascinating facts and true stories, this short animated video gives you a solid overview on the Dead Sea Scrolls in just 3-minutes! While some haven’t heard about the Dead Sea Scrolls at all; others misunderstand their importance, thinking they are originals of the Bible. The Dead Sea Scrolls are actually the oldest copies of the Old Testament ever found! See how these ancient documents survived through the centuries and gain incredible insight into why you (and those you teach) can trust the Bible. Celebrate this incredible archaeological find by sharing this FREE video with your friends and family! Watch this short video now
Find out:

  • How a shepherd accidentally discovered the Dead Sea Scrolls
  • Why the Dead Sea Scrolls were hidden in caves for over 2,000 years
  • How these ancient documents confirm the accuracy of modern Bible translations (and more!)

This 3-minute animated clip is an example of the extra (supplemental material) included in Rose’s NEW 6-session DVD study, How We Got the Bible. This all-inclusive study makes Bible History easy-to-understand, covering how we got the Bible and why we can trust the Bible’s reliability!!* Order it today to save over $35
*Note: Not all teaching sessions include animated clips

For 4 Days Only!
Save $35 on Rose’s How We Got the Bible DVD Study


How We Got the Bible DVD-based Study

How We Got the Bible DVDOverall Rating: 5 Stars
From Moses to Gutenberg, easily find out how we got the Bible we have today and discover why we can trust it with this 6-session DVD study on the history of Bible!
Have you ever wondered where the Bible came from? Who wrote the books of the Bible and how did they end up together? Perhaps you have been asked by a friend or coworker about books that were cut out of the Bible. Through the six sessions in this Bible history DVD, expert Dr. Timothy Paul Jones will guide you through important questions about the Bible to show you why it can be trusted. Perfect for personal or small group use.
Packed with stunning visuals, dramatic stories, and illustrative animations, this exciting Bible History curriculum will take you from the earliest clay tablets and papyrus copies to the first bound Bible and the various Bible translations that we use today!
With this history of the Bible DVD study, you will discover:

  • 4 Ways the Bible is Unlike Any Other “Holy Book”
  • What it means when we say that the Bible is inspired and inerrant
  • What people did to preserve the text of the Bible over the centuries
  • How we know that the Old and New Testament is reliable
  • The stories behind names like John Wycliffe, William Tyndale, Gutenberg, and King James I

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You Don’t Have to Be An Expert to Lead It!
Each Complete Kit is All-Inclusive—

This ready-to-use small group curriculum kit, gives you everything you need:

  • DVD with six sessions by Expert Dr. Timothy Paul Jones (25-30 minutes each)
  • Leader Guide (printed and digital copy)—Includes flexible lesson plans and outlines, fun icebreakers, and application activities
  • Participant Guide (printed) with discussion and application questions
  • Fold-out time line of the history of the Bible
  • Reference Handbook of How We Got the Bible (pg. 168-page)
  • Ready-to-use PowerPoint® with over 100 slides
  • CD-ROM with PDFs printable promotional materials (posters, banners, door hangers)

How We Got the Bible DVD
Perfect for personal study, church small group, or Sunday school! Click here for more information.

“As Christians, we have a responsibility to ‘stand firm and hold to the traditions you were taught.’ How We Got the Bible DVD is an easy-to-use tool that prepares Christians by bringing to life the people and events of history.”—Gabriel Etzel, DMin, PhD, Administrative Dean, School of Divinity, Liberty University

Easily Cover Key People and Events throughout Bible History

Follow the Bible’s journey from clay tablets to the modern-day translations we have today. With the push of a button, enjoy having a simple overview of the Bible’s entire history at your fingertips and find out what biblical reliability means. Features key events and people.
Here’s an overview of the 6 sessions

  • Session 1: What’s So Special About the Bible
  • Session 2: How We Got the Old Testament
  • Session 3: How We Got the New Testament
  • Session 4: How the Books of the New Testament Were Chosen
  • Session 5: How the New Testament Was Copied
  • Session 6: How We Got the Bible in English
“This six-DVD study is simple enough yet detailed enough to inform you on this topic, so that, next time someone tries to inform you of some popular but misled beliefs about the Word of God, you will not only have an answer, but, perhaps, some interesting info for them, as well. Good format. Good from teenage onward.”
— Beverley Webster, Rose Customer Review

Order How We Got the Bible DVD-Based Bible Study Complete Kit today for only $64.99! Be first to get this easy-to-understand curriculum on how we Got the Bible and find out fascinating facts your church will love!

Find Out Fascinating Facts on the History of the Bible

Find out fascinating facts as you get a solid overview of Bible-making history. In a fun and highly visual way, expert Dr. Timothy Paul Jones brings history to life. Enjoy learning important terms and incredible insight that will help you establish a strong understanding of the Bible’s reliability.

  • The text of the Bible is better preserved than the writing of Plato or Aristotle.
  • There is more than 99% agreement between all of the known manuscripts of the Bible.
  • Wycliffe’s bones were dug up and burned 400 years after his death because he translated the Bible into English.
  • The Bible was the first book ever printed on Gutenberg’s printing press.

This makes fantastic Fall Bible study topics as it provides believers with a solid understanding of Bible history and why we can trust the Bible’s reliability! Shop now to save $35

Meet Your Teacher:

Timothy Paul JonesDr. Timothy Paul Jones has an incredible gift of making Christian history easy-to-understand! He is a professor and Associate Vice President at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, where he teaches courses in applied apologetics and family ministry. Before coming to Southern, he led churches in Missouri and Oklahoma as pastor and associate pastor. For more than a decade, Timothy Paul Jones has used wit, humor, and dramatic stories to make Christian history come alive!

“Timothy Paul Jones, PhD is a vibrate speaker in each thirty minute DVD sessions. Using interesting facts and a subtle sense of humor, Dr. Jones make for easy listening while discovering the history of Christianity.” — Ann S., Rose Customer Review

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How We Got the Bible DVD Sale



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