Most Evangelical Christians Believe We Are in the End Times


Flash Sale on End-Times Prophecy Book

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Flash Sale on End-Times Prophecy
Customer Rating:4.5

With over 77% of Christians believing we are living in the end-times— Now’s the perfect time to get a solid, in-depth overview of this topic! Save $14.99 today
When will Jesus return? And when is the Rapture? Bible prophecy says that Jesus will come again, and Christians for centuries have wondered (and disagreed) when and how that will take place. Enjoy having an easy-to-understand overview of ALL the key Scriptures on end-times prophecy. PLUS, get unbiased explanations on each of the 4 different end-times views held by Christians. Features dozens of simple summaries, pictures, charts, and time lines that are fully-reproducible and not found anywhere else! Perfect for personal or small group use!
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FLASH SALE ON End-Times ProphecyWith the free download version, you can easily enlarge, search, and print pages right off your computer! Whether you’re a pastor, church leader, or a growing Christian, this will become your go-to-guide for answering tough questions about end-times prophecy! Shop now and save $14.99

Rating: 5 Stars


“This book is a pleasure to read. It is well written, well researched, reader friendly, incredibly informative, respectful of differing views, and even inserts bits of humor into a subject that often evokes confusion and even fear. The graphics are impressive as well. A must-have resource.”— N. Blankinship, Amazon customer review


Rating: 5 Stars

“Best resource on end-times I’ve seen. Two of the most outstanding features of the book are simply, the content and the charts. Jones goes into intricate detail on every subject, and the eye-popping charts will leave you breathless. An outstanding, colorful resource for group or individual study.”— Joel, customer review on ChristianBook

Expert Review:


“For decades, Christians have taken one side or another in the interpretation of the Bible’s future events. I like the “different views” approach because it allows believers to think and decide for themselves. Timothy’s work avoids speculative extremes and helps us understand end-times prophecy from start to finish. I love the charts, diagrams and pictures!”
—Hal Seed, Author of Future History: Understanding the Book of Daniel and End Times Prophecy. Denver Seminary (M.Div)

Unlike other books on the end-times, this helpful guide shows multiple views points at a glance, helping you get a solid overview on the topic. Don’t Wait! Save $14.99 while supplies last.

Enjoy Having These 4 Key Features at Your Fingertips:

  1. Easy-to-Understand— Get a solid, easy-to-understand overview of ALL Bible prophecies about the end times! Easily navigate through the book of Revelation, the book of Daniel, Ezekiel, and other key Bible passages.
  2. Packed with Visuals— Enjoy having more than 50 charts, diagrams, timelines and illustrations showing key information at a glance!
  3. Un-Biased Explanations— Includes fair, un-biased, and balanced explanations on each of the 4 different ways that Christians interpret the end-times. Find out how each view interprets key passages and why (key verses included).
  4. Quick-Reference—Includes simple summaries of key symbols in Revelation:
    • Mark of the Beast, 666, Anti-Christ, 7 Seals, the 7 Churches, 144,000
    • Persecuted Woman, the 7 Trumpets, the 7 Bowls, Great Prostitute
    • Fall of Babylon, New Heaven and New Earth, Healing of the nations (and more!)

Today Only! Buy Rose Guide to End-Times Prophecy, and get its printable PDF FREE!

Easily Cover All Major Bible Passages on End-times Prophecy!

Features more than 50 charts, illustrations, and time lines showing key information at a glance! Covers:

  • Dozens of comparison charts and quick-reference diagrams on —
    • 4 views on the end-times: Amillennialism, Dispensational Premillennialism, Historical Premillennialism, and Postmillennialism
    • Key topics, such as the statues, beasts, goats, and the 70 weeks described in the book of Daniel; 4 views of Ezekiel’s Temple; and more!
    • Key Symbols and Passages in Revelation— Covers tribulation, rapture, anti-christ, mark of the beast, dispensations (AND MORE!)
    • How early Christians viewed the end-times (Apostles’ Creed, Nicene Creed, etc.)

Don’t Wait! Save $14.99 when you order this incredible book today! Perfect for individual use, group Bible studies, adult Sunday School, quick-reference resource, and more!

“Simple. Helpful. Biblical. What’s not to love? Rose Guide to End-Times Prophecy provides the reader with a way to think about the end-times with hope rather than confusion…” —Pastor Gino Geraci, Chaplain, Denver, CO
“In the midst of [end-times] debates and arguments, this provides a refreshingly fair … approach to a difficult and sensitive topic. Most importantly, it places the reader’s attention on the issue the Scriptures emphasizes: the glory of God and His faithfulness to His Word.” —Dr. Abner Chou, The Master’s College, Santa Clarita, CA

Perfect for:

  • Personal Use (Either as a Bible study or quick-reference)
  • Small Group Bible Study
  • Discipleship and New Believers’ Class
  • Youth Groups (Features simple explanations— appropriate for High School and up)
  • Quick-reference tool for teachers, pastors, church leaders, and Bible students
  • Supplemental resources (Easily adds depth to any New Testament Bible study)

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