Labor Day Coupon!

Labor Day Coupon Just For You
Save 20% on Your Entire Online Order of $30

Save 20% on Order $30 or MoreWith schools (and Bible studies) starting up again, this is the perfect time to SAVE 20% on not just one item—BUT ON YOUR ENTIRE ORDER!
For one week only, save 20% on your entire online order of $30 or more*
Simply use the coupon code: LaborDay15 when you are ready to check out.
This coupon cannot be combined with any other coupons, sales, promotions or clearance items. Shop now and save 20% on your entire order.
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Don’t Wait! Your Coupon Expires 9/10/2015! Shop Now to Save 20% on your entire online purchase of $30 or more! It’s our way of saying…Happy Labor Day!

Save 25% on Order $30 or More



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