FREE Book of James eChart + 12-Day Reading Plan!

Free Book of James eChart & 12-Day Reading Plan

Send this printable PDF to those you disciple, your friends, family, pastors, church leaders, youth group leaders, and small group members FOR FREE!
For the first time ever, Rose is offering a Free Bible eChart and a 12-Day Reading Plan on James! Enjoy having simple summaries, charts, and dozens of personal reflection questions on the entire book of James!
In this week’s free eChart, find out what James says about taming the tongue and the power of our words. Whether it’s a careless word that “just slips out” or a harsh response you regret later—an uncontrolled tongue can be damaging. James compares it to a raging fire that spreads quickly and destroys all in its path. But “taming the tongue” takes more than willpower and self-discipline. Find out what the Bible says about taming the tongue and enjoy having a topical list of over 80 scripture references! This week’s free eChart also includes an easy-to-follow 12-day reading plan that features reflection questions that will help you dig deeper. Please encourage your friends and family by sending them this free eChart!
Here’s an overview on what this week’s Free Bible eChart includes:

  • Topical list with over 80 scripture references, covering the destructive and positive power of words
  • BONUS: 12-Day Book of James Reading Plan. Easily read through the entire book of James in just 12 days and enjoy having checkboxes, reading selections, and dozens of personal reflection questions.

This FREE eChart is just 2 pages out of Rose’s Book of James Pamphlet, an easy-to-understand pamphlet that provides an in-depth overview on the entire Book of James and the 15 ways you can grow in spiritual maturity! Easily use alongside Rose’s 12-Day Reading Plan. Click here to save 75% on this Bible study pamphlet packed with quick-reference charts (Offer good for today only).

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You already know that spiritual growth is important. But, what does that really mean? A nation-wide Barna study showed that over 50% of churchgoers were unable to describe what it means to be a mature follower of Jesus. So the question is not should you mature in your faith—it’s how?

How can you grow in your faith? How do you know if you are truly growing? And how can you help others grow?

The book of James answers these very questions! Find out what James says about “living faith” and discover how to practically apply what he says to your life with The Book of James Pamphlet. This Bible study pamphlet provides a clear overview of the entire book of James. Packed with simple summaries, quick-reference charts, and practical advice, it will show you how to tame your tongue, fight temptation, and ultimately grow in perseverance, faith, and spiritual maturity. Perfect for individual or group use, it features:


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Book of James Pamphlet

Overall Rating: 5 Stars
Book of James PamphletIf you are a person with limited time to spare but a genuine desire to grow spiritually, then The Book of James is for you. This pamphlet first exposes the “dangerous” ways Christians incorrectly react to trials, wisdom, wealth, perfection, and evil desires, and then reveals the correct biblical responses that lead to spiritual maturity (as described in the Book of James). It provides a clear overview of the entire book, covering over 15 specific ways we can grow in spiritual maturity.

Enjoy having these 5 key features:

  • Easy-to-Understand. Provides a clear overview of the entire book—including an outline, author information, and fascinating facts, such as James was known as “camel knees” because he constantly prayed on his knees.
  • Quick and Simple. Features over 8 quick-reference charts that provide section by-section commentary and show key information at a glance!
  • Practical. Shares 4 key study tips on how to read the Book of James as well as reflection questions

Perfect for personal use, devotions, small groups, discipleship, New Believer’s classes, men or women’s Bible studies, youth groups, or to hand to someone as a source of encouragement. Shop now to save 75%

Save 75%! Get this incredible pamphlet for just 99¢ when you buy it today! Offer good while supplies last.

Easily Cover 15 Key Topics on Faith and Spiritual Maturity!

For each topic, it explains the “dangers” to avoid, how to positively respond to each danger, and the benefit of that godly response. It challenges our perspectives, mindsets, behaviors, and words in a practical way to help us grow in spiritual maturity and faith. It covers topics, such as:

How We Respond to Tough Times

  • Trials, Troubles, and Suffering
  • Wisdom and Guidance
  • Prayer and Patience
  • Submissiveness

How We View Ourselves and Others

  • True Religion vs. “Religious” mindsets
  • Favoritism
  • Pride and Arrogance
  • Selfish Ambition

How We Respond to Sin and How We Live Out Our Faith:

  • Temptations and Desires
  • Wealth and Greed
  • Faith in Action
  • Teachable Spirit vs. Defensiveness

How We Use Our Words

  • Controlled Tongue vs. Uncontrolled Tongue
  • Quarrels
  • Slander

Practical and Easy-to-Use. This life-changing pamphlet reveals common “dangers” that can stop your spiritual growth and provides 15 practical insights on how to overcome them. Perfect for individual use, Bible studies, youth groups, and New Believers. Order it now for just 99¢ and save 75%

“Good, Concise, Well Done! Our ladies group was looking for study material [that uses] Bible study helps and references. This incorporates those into a good study for our purposes.”— Customer review on ChristianBook
“I am a Certified Lay Minister…and I typically spend most of my time teaching adult Bible studies classes. Specifically, I have been using your pamphlet on James. My classes enjoy the full-color, fold out documents which cover the essence of all the major topics.” — Gary Mourfield, Lay Minister and Church Leader for the United Methodist Church,
“This is not the average commentary…It is well written and provides analogies from modern day experiences making it relatable for easy comprehension…this pamphlet offers nuggets of wisdom that will catapult your faith to the next level.” —Donna Mean, Customer Review on Amazon

Today Only Save 75%! Get Rose’s Book of James Pamphlet For Just 99¢ (Reg. $3.99). Perfect for individual use or small group Bible studies. Offer good while supplies last.
It’s perfect for:

  • Discipleship
  • New Believers’ Class
  • Personal use
  • Small Group Bible Studies
  • Sunday School
  • And More!

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