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Pamphlet Blowout Sale! For You! For Your Friends! For Your Ministries! Save 75%! Get these incredible pamphlets featuring fold-out timelines and quick-reference charts for just 99¢ (reg. $3.99)! Packed with charts, timelines, maps, pictures, and simple summaries, these easy-to-use pamphlets show key information at a glance and are a great way to add depth to any Bible study. (Plus! They conveniently fit inside most Bible covers!) Perfect for pastors, church leaders, small group Bible studies, students of the Bible, and New Believer’s classes! Hurry! Offer good while supplies last!

“Rose pamphlets are easy to read, easy to carry in our Bibles, and easy to use as basic references. Plus, I often give them as gifts!”—Karen Olson, Coordinator of Church Leaders, Fountain Valley, CA

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How to Study the Bible Pamphlet

How to Study the Bible PamphletOverall Rating: 5 Stars
With thousands of chapters to cover and over 66 books in the Bible, many believers wonder, Where do I even start? and How can I dig deeper into the Bible?
Find out the answer to these questions and more with Rose’s How to Study the Bible! Covering everything from how to begin studying…. to how to do in-depth Bible studies, this pamphlet shows new and mature believers how to dig deeper into God’s Word. It’s quick and easy-to-follow format is a great introduction, going step-by-step through the basic principles of Bible study. Discover how to use concordances to easily navigate through the Bible; find out how to dig deeper with Bible dictionaries, and learn how to apply God’s Word to your life through inductive Bible studies.
Packed with simple summaries, overviews, and helpful tips, it covers:

  • 8 basic principles of Bible Study (Covers how to read a verse in context)
  • Dozens of study tips and recommendations, including which key Bible verses, passages and books of the Bible to study

How to Study the Bible Pamphlet
Perfect to use as a handout/Bible study for individual study, 1-on-1 discipleship, small groups, or adult Sunday school class, youth groups, and New Believers classes!
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Bible Overview Pamphlet

Bible Overview PamphletOverall Rating: 5 Stars
You have books. You have commentaries. But, you don’t always have time. Quickly find the key information you need with Rose’s Bible Overview. Enjoy having a simple summary of every book of the Bible at your fingertips!
See what you need to know about all 66 books of the Bible at a glance with this pamphlet’s charts, simple summaries, and quick overviews! This incredible pamphlet provides a clear overview of the Old and New Testament along with a chart for each book of the Bible, from Genesis through Revelation. For each book of the Bible, it shows the name of the book, the author, topic, where and when it was written, purpose, and the key verse. Easily fits inside most Bible covers making it easy to quickly reference! Perfect for individual or group use!
See what you need to know about each book of the Bible at a glance, including:

  • Who wrote the book
  • Where it takes place
  • When it was written
  • Why it was written
  • An outline of key events of the Book
  • The key verse of the Book

Easy-to-Use and Convenient: Unlike most study Bibles, which include this information before each book, this slim line pamphlet can easily be pulled out and referenced without having to flip back and forth. Perfect for individual use, small groups, new believer’s class, and church giveaways.
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Temple Pamphlet

Temple PamphletOverall Rating: 4.5 Stars
Enjoy having a quick overview on the Temple and its meaning—Features stunning pictures, simple summaries, and timelines!
Easily see what the “dwelling place” of God looked like throughout the Old and New Testament with this incredible Temple pamphlet from Rose Publishing! Featuring an exclusive cut-away picture of the Temple, this bestselling pamphlet shows what the Temple looked like inside and out. Enjoy going step-by-step through the pattern of worship (from the outer courtyard into the Most Holy Place) as you learn about each part of the Temple. Discover how every part of the Temple, from the Ark of the Covenant to the Veil, was designed to point to Jesus Christ and his redeeming work on the cross!

  • Detailed diagram showing a bird’s eye view of the Second Temple (Herod’s Temple).
  • Simple explanation of the furnishings, sacrifices, and High Priest garments—covers The Ark of the Covenant, The Mercy Seat, The Brazen Altar, etc.
  • Easy-to-follow timeline that shows key events at a glance—covers everything from the creation of the Tabernacle to Herod’s Temple

Perfect for individual use, small group studies, youth groups, pastors, or as a quick-reference.
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52 Key Bible Stories Pamphlet

52 Key Bible Stories PamphletOverall Rating: 4.5 Stars
Imagine having an simple overview of every major story in the Bible at your fingertips! Enjoy having solid, short, and easy-to-understand summaries of 52 key Bible stories!
You already know that nothing replaces reading a Bible story from start to finish. But, having these simple summaries and quick outlines is a great way to see each story’s key points at a glance— making it easy for you to fully understand, teach, and explain the Bible to others! Each overview features a simple explanation, 3-5 main points and related scriptures that will help you navigate through the Bible with ease. Featuring full-color pictures, this incredible slimline pamphlet covers:

  • Important People from the Old Testament: Adam and Eve, Abraham, Joseph, Moses, Samson, David and Goliath, Jonah, and more!
  • Key Events from the Old Testament: Ten Commandments; Tabernacle, Crossing the Red Sea, Battle of Jericho, Nehemiah rebuilding the wall; and more!
  • Important New Testament People: John the Baptist, Jesus, Lazarus, Peter, Paul, etc
  • Key New Testament Events: Jesus’ birth, Jesus’ miracles, Transfiguration, Last Supper, Crucifixion, Ascension, Pentecost, and more!

Whether you use this in your personal times of study, to jump start a lesson, or as a quick-refresher, this slimline pamphlet is perfect for personal use, teachers, pastors, small groups, new believers, family devotions, kids’ church, church giveaway, etc. Fits inside most Bible covers.
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Attributes of God Pamphlet

Attributes of God PamphletOverall Rating: 5 Stars
Your understanding of God impacts every area of your life. It influences how you respond to trials, how you love others, how you worship, and it even helps you spot false teaching.
Experience the relief, joy, and hope that come from deepening your understanding of who God is. From all-powerful and everlasting to loving and merciful, find out 20 of God’s characteristics that will grow your confidence and trust in him. Featuring simple summaries and practical reflection questions, this encouraging pamphlet helps you apply what you know about God’s character to your personal life. Perfect for personal or group use. Easily fits inside most Bible covers.

  • Covers 20 of God’s traits, such as—Immutable (He never changes), Omnipotent (He’s all powerful), Loving, Jealous, and more!
  • Features an incredible life-application section packed with over 20 reflection questions and thought-provoking activities (Great for object lessons/ devotions).
    Example: Find a rock and hold it in your hand. Squeeze it, knock it, and try to bend it. The rock is pretty hard to move or change, but with enough pressure it could change. God, however, will never change. How is God’s changelessness a comfort to you?

Whether you’re in the midst of a storm or whether you’re enjoying a time of prosperity, knowing who God is will enrich your time of worship and deepen your Bible study. Perfect for personal or small group Bible studies, devotions, and to give to a friend as a source of encouragement.
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Understanding the Book of Revelation Pamphlet

Understanding the Book of Revelation PamphletOverall Rating: 4.5 Stars
When is Jesus returning? Are we really living in the end-times? Christians for centuries have wondered (and disagreed) about meaning of the Book of Revelation and about Jesus’ return.
Covering everything from the Mark of the Beast to 666, enjoy having this easy-to-understand guide on the symbolism in the Book of Revelation! If you (or those you teach) ever wondered exactly what the Book of Revelation is about and why people interpret it in so many ways, this pamphlet is for you. Packed with charts, simple summaries, and dozens of Bible verses, this full-color pamphlet makes it easier than ever to compare the 4 different interpretations of Revelation (historicist, futurist, idealist, and preterist). Explore the meaning of key symbols and passages, including seven churches, seven seals, millennium, 666, mark of the beast, and more! Perfect for personal or group use.
Imagine having these key features at your fingertips:

  • Simple summaries of key symbols and passages in the Book of Revelation, including:
    • 7 Seals, the 7 Churches, 144,000, Mark of the Beast, 666
    • Persecuted Woman, the 7 Trumpets, the 7 Bowls, Great Prostitute
    • Fall of Babylon, New Heaven and New Earth, Healing of the nations, and more!
  • Quick-reference resources, including an easy-to-understand glossary of key terms, comparison charts, full-color maps showing the location of the 7 churches, and more!

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SAVE 75% For 5 Days Only

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Pamphlet Blowout Sale!



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