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From shepherd boy to King of Israel, David’s life is an incredible testament of God’s faithfulness and unconditional love. Whether David was running away from his enemies or standing up bravely to a giant, God faithfully protected him. See key information about the life of David at a glance with this week’s free eChart. Enjoy having a quick-reference chart comparing David to Goliath. Quickly cover dozens of key events from David’s life at a glance with a simple timeline and follow David’s lineage with a helpful family tree. Download it free today and please share it with a friend.
This Free eChart is just a few pages from Rose’s Parables & Other Bible Studies. Dig deeper into the life of David, Joseph, Esther, and more. Find out more about the parables of Jesus as well as key Bible passages, including Psalm 23 and 1 Corinthians 13. Download the complete study for JUST $5
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Parables & Other Bible Studies (Download)

Parables (Rose Bible Basics)

Overall Rating: 5 Stars
From Psalms 23 to 1 Corinthians 13 , enjoy digging deeper into the meaning of the Bible’s most quoted passages, parables, and people!
See how God can use any trial, situation, and person for his glory by digging into some of your favorite Bible passages and stories! From Joseph who was sold into slavery to David who faced Goliath, the Bible is jammed packed with ordinary people who faced intense challenges. This incredible book features 6 Bible studies that highlights how God works in and through our lives—using the most unlikely people and bringing good out of every situation.
Written in easy-to-understand language, it features charts, fascinating facts, and practical reflection questions, helping you apply what you know about God’s character and teachings to your personal life. Use it in small groups, church groups, and for individual study. This book contains studies on:

  • Parables of Jesus (39 Insights into God’s Kingdom)
  • Life of Joseph (The purpose of suffering)
  • Psalm 23 (Comfort during difficult times)
  • Life of David (God’s power in the lives of imperfect people)
  • Esther (Answers “Where is God when life is unfair?”)

Perfect for individual use, group study, new believers class, 1-on-1 discipleship, youth groups, Adult Sunday School, and more!
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Being Jesus’ Disciple (Download)

RBB Being Jesus' Disciple

Overall Rating: 5 Stars
You (and those you teach) have already decided to follow Jesus. So the question is not do you want to follow him— but HOW? How can I be Jesus’ disciple in today’s world?
This easy-to-understand book, Being Jesus’ Disciple, covers over 20 key discipleship topics on Christian faith and living. It includes handy charts, simple summaries, and life-application questions that will help you (and those you teach) better understand how to be Jesus’ disciple in today’s world. Get practical insight on how to stay strong in your faith and continuously grow throughout your walk with God! It includes 6 pamphlets

  • Who I Am in Christ — 30 ways that Christ has made me a “new creation” in him. (I am forgiven, loved, rescued, and more)
  •  Knowing God’s Will— 4 ways to navigate through life’s choices and 9 key promises on God’s guidance
  •  8 spiritual disciplines— covers prayer, Bible reading, fasting, worship, etc.
  •  Why Truth Matters— Find out how to spot false doctrine, false teachers, and more.
    • Staying strong during difficulties and doubts (and more!)

It’s practical, very conversational, and it features a ready-to-use study guide— making it perfect for individual use, small group Bible study, or 1-on-1 discipleship!

“…This book is a very good resource for a New Converts or Discipleship class…its usefulness in explaining what being a disciple of Christ is to someone who does not have a theological background or knowledge is invaluable.” —Keith Lassiter, Customer Review

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What Christians Believe at a Glance (Download)

RBB What Christians Believe at a Glance

Overall Rating: 5 Stars
Whether it’s Christ’s sinlessness or his bodily resurrection, many Christians overlook (or misunderstand) key Christian beliefs. In fact, a recent Barna study showed that only 61% of Christian believe that Christ lived a sinless life. (That means 39% of Christians believe that Christ sinned while on Earth!) Find out how this contradicts an essential doctrine of the Bible.
Easily clear up confusion and cover ALL the basic Christian beliefs with this easy-to-understand Bible study. Packed with full-color diagrams, charts, and practical advice, this foundational Bible study will help you (and those you teach) grasp what it means to be Jesus’ disciple in today’s world. Each chapter provides clear explanations of core beliefs that unite Christians, and answers common questions about these important principles. Perfect for individual use, discipleship, new believer’s classes, small group Bible study, youth groups, and more.

  • 16 Essential Doctrines— including Christ’s sinlessness, his resurrection, his deity, and more!
  • Key beliefs about the Trinity and the life of Jesus
  • Denominations Comparison— Shows a side-by-side comparison of 12 major denominations
  • Baptism— Importance, symbolism, and comparison of views
    • And other topics, including heaven and the four views of the book of Revelation

Easily equip, grow, and encourage others with the foundation they need to stand firm in their faith!

“Enlightening! This is a great resource for clearly understanding Christian beliefs…Very easy to understand.” — Amazon Customer Review

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Where to Find It in the Bible (Download)

Where to Find It in the Bible (Rose Bible Basics)

Overall Rating: 5 Stars
This is a must-have Bible study reference for every believer! With large print, charts, maps, and graphics, you will love having this unique topical index and basic Bible overview at your fingertips. Plus, it includes a 6-week study guide to help you (and those you teach) go through key verses, key people, key stories, and key prophecies. Includes—

  • Topical Index of hundreds of the most popular Bible Verses and over 100 Bible promises for strength, hope, and guidance.
  • 52 Key Bible Stories and passages on over 100 important people in the Bible
  • 100 Prayers in the Bible: Covers prayers in the Psalms, Jesus’ prayers, etc.
  • 100 Prophecies Fulfilled by Jesus: Includes Old Testament prophecies and New Testament fulfillments
    • One-year Bible reading plan and more!

Perfect for individual use, small group Bible studies, New Believers classes, or to keep on hand to quickly reference when someone has a question.


“We used this in church for a small group and everyone loved it so much we started a new group based on the one year Bible reading plan in the back of the book. It is an EXCELLENT resource!” — Lissette Telemaco, customer review from Amazon

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Jesus (Download)

Jesus (Download)

Overall Rating: 5 Stars
Believers say he’s the son of God…other’s claim he’s was a “good teacher.” Skeptics deny he existed while some cults think he was once an archangel. Enjoy having a solid overview on who Jesus is and how to respond to common questions about Him with this incredible Bible study book.
This book provides a solid introduction to the life of Jesus, his teachings, and the significance of his death and resurrection. Written in easy-to-understand language and packed with pictures, charts, and time lines, it is perfect for individual use, group Bible studies, and New Believers classes. It features practical reflection questions, helping you apply what you know about Jesus and his teachings to your personal life. Perfect for new and mature believers desiring to fix their eyes on Christ!
Includes 6 Bible studies that answer key questions about Jesus, including

  • Who is Jesus? —Covers 11 key beliefs, from his virgin birth to his glorious second coming
  • Jesus: Fact or Fiction —Answers 10 misconceptions about Jesus: Was Jesus a mythical person? Is there proof that he rose from the grave? Was Jesus married? etc
  • Gospels Side-by-Side—Shows which stories, events, miracles, and parables are included in each of the gospels and why (Includes over 10 comparison charts)
  • Christ in the Old Testament and Christ in the Passover— Explains Old Testament symbolism and prophecy pointing to Jesus in an easy-to-understand way

ALSO, includes studies on the Beatitudes, Lord’s Prayer, 50 names of Jesus, and more! Use each study individually or use all of them in a 6-week Bible study class. Perfect for individual use, group study, new believers class, 1-on-1 discipleship, youth groups, Adult Sunday School, and more!


“I found this book to be a good basic primer on the life of Jesus. It is well thought out, well balanced and from a believer’s point of view. Not only is it informative, it is also formative to the Christian life and walk of faith.” — customer review from Amazon

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Myth-Busters (Download)

Mythbusters (Rose Bible Basics)

Overall Rating: 4 Stars
You already know that not everyone agrees with Christianity. But, how do you respond to those who opening criticize it? It seems like every day someone is on TV promoting or selling a book about the “real” Jesus, the “lost” gospels, and “new” spirituality. Young people are taught in school that science and religion contradict each other. While atheists continue to claim that the Bible can’t be trusted. In Rose’s MythBusters, expert authors show you how to respond to critics’ claims and how to engage in popular discussions with solid facts. This full-color, easy-to-read book responds to common misconceptions in a simple, logical, and non-judgmental way.
Topics covered include:

  • Myths about God, Evolution, and Science such as “Intelligent Design is not backed by Science”
  • Myths about God’s Existence and Jesus such as “There’s no evidence that God is real”
  • Myths about Spirituality such as “Jesus is just one of many ways to the truth.”
  • Myth on the Bible and the reliability of the Gospels such as “The Bible is filled with errors and has been tampered with.”

Perfect for individual use, small group Bible studies, New Believers classes, youth groups, or to keep on hand to quickly reference when someone has a question.

“Great book to have if you have questions!” — San Antonio Buyer, verified purchase on Amazon

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