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Features simple summaries on the 12 disciples and an in-depth overview on James. See key events, lessons, and information at a glance with this week’s free eChart!
This free eChart takes you inside Jesus’ inner circle as you learn more about James, one of Jesus’ closest friends and disciples. As a fisherman by trade, James was rough around the edges. Known as the “Son of Thunder,” he tended to be fiery and vengeful. At one point, he even asked God to rain fire onto a Samaritan village. Yet, despite his apparent weakness God used this man to proclaim God’s message boldly. Some say he became the first bishop in Spain and eventually died by the sword for his faith. Find out more about James with this week’s FREE eChart! Packed with simple summaries, fascinating facts, and scripture verses, this week’s free eChart provides a clear overview of James’s life. See key events, lessons, and information at a glance!
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Twelve Disciples Pamphlet

Twelve Disciples Pamphlet
Overall Rating: 4.5 Stars
Who were the 12 men who were the closest to Jesus? The Twelve Disciples takes you inside Jesus’ “inner circle” to learn more about Jesus’ devoted followers, their backgrounds, their strengths and weaknesses, their purpose, and their mission. Find out more about each disciple’s unique personality, his encounters with Jesus, and the lessons we can learn from those who knew Jesus best while he was on earth. Perfect for individual use and small group study.
Get a close-up look at the 12 ordinary men who Jesus trained to care for his church: Peter, James (son of Zebedee), Andrew, Philip, Bartholomew, Matthew, Thomas, James, John, Thaddaeus, Simon the Zealot, and Judas Iscariot! Easily find out more about each disciple, including—

  • His Background: the meaning of his name, key events in his life (before and after Jesus)
  • His Ministry: His purpose, mission, personal encounter with Jesus, and death (from being crucified upside down, clubbed to death, speared, and flayed alive)
  • Key Lessons: The key lessons we can learn from his life today. Also, includes 4 key truths about what it means to be Jesus’ disciple today.

Includes hundreds of scripture references to help you dig deeper and easily navigate through key the information.

“This is a great tool for a visual learner, like myself, to get an overview of the lives of Jesus’s twelve apostles at a glance. A summary of the apostle’s lives are detailed in an easy to read chart with bullet statements. This pamphlet is very visually engaging and would be very helpful to have handy in a Bible class or in your own personal study.” — customer review on Amazon (Top 1000 reviewer)

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Features Fascinating Facts on Each of the 12 Disciples, including:

  • The twelve disciples were all from the Galilee region except for Judas Iscariot, who was from Judea.
  • Some say that James (son of Alphaeus) was arrested by the Jews, thrown off the Temple, and then beaten to death by a club.
  • John, the beloved disciple, was known as being vengeful, fiery, judgmental, and selfish. But after Pentecost, he was known for his boldness, love, and compassion.
  • Some scholars suggest that Judas was a member of the Zealot sect known as the Sicarri, who were dagger-bearing assassins.

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Includes Incredible Insight on Discipleship and Key Life Lessons For Believers Today!

Covering everything from fellowship and forgiveness to serving and the power of the Holy Spirit, this pamphlet reveals 5 key insights into discipleship. It includes examples from the Bible backing each key. Plus! It explains what we can learn from each disciple’s life:

  • See what James’s life teaches us about standing firm in the face of persecution
  • Find out what Bartholomew teaches us about the importance of “testing all things with scripture”
  • Discover how Jesus can overcome doubts and lead believers to faithfulness by looking at Thomas’s life
“This pamphlet gives a clear synopsis of each disciple and also some comparison charts that help you to achieve a deeper insight into why these men were chosen and what role they each played in the life of Christ while He dwelt among us.” — Mary, customer review on Amazon
“It is a good outline, precise and easy to use and follow— whether it’s used to lead a discussion or prepare a sermon.— Susan States, customer review on Amazon
” Its informative text and colorful pictorial presentation make it so pleasurable to read and memorize the facts.” — Kristin, customer review on Amazon

Covers 39 Other Key People a Part of Jesus’ Ministry!

Enjoy having this incredible quick-reference chart which covers over 39 New Testament disciples, apostles, teachers, and leaders! Easily see each person’s role along with key Bible verses at a glance. It highlights:

  • Cleopas, Joanna, Mary Magdalene, Phoebe, Susanna, Priscilla
  • Luke, Apollos, Aquila, Ananias, Stephen, Timothy
  • And dozens of others!
“I love this pamphlet because it gives an overview of the disciples. Also, I love the fact that it gives useful information about other disciples of Jesus including some that were women.” — C.M. Thomas, customer review on Amazon

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