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You have books. You have commentaries. But, you don’t always have time. Quickly find the key information you need with Rose’s quick-reference pamphlets—Just 99¢ Today Only!
Today Only Save 75%! Get these bestselling pamphlets featuring quick-reference charts for just 99¢ Today Only. Packed with simple summaries, charts, maps, pictures, and simple summaries, these easy-to-use pamphlets show key information at a glance and are a great way to add depth to any Bible study. (Plus! They conveniently fit inside most Bible covers making them easy to pull out and reference!). Perfect for pastors, church leaders, small group Bible studies, students of the Bible, and New Believer’s classes! Get them now while supplies last.

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Where to Find Favorite Bible Verses Pamphlet

Where to Find Favorite Bible Verses PamphletOverall Rating: 5 Stars
Enjoy having hundreds of Bible verses organized by topics at your fingertips! Quickly and easily find the Scripture references you want on important topics, such as prayer, worrying, names of Jesus, our identity in Christ, and more. Easily slip this pamphlet into the cover of most Bibles—and pull it out during times of prayer, when someone asks you a question, or when preparing a lesson. You will refer to this incredible pamphlet again and again as you look through the Bible for important “nuggets” of wisdom and as you pray through the Scriptures.

    • Enjoy having Scriptures that will strengthen and comfort you when you are afraid, angry, depressed, doubting salvation, envious, physically ill, lonely, tired, worried, tempted and more. (Shows hundreds of verses)
    • See tons of information at a glance with its quick-reference charts covering:
      • 10 Names of Jesus and 7 Names of God, such as El Shaddai, Jehovah Rapha, etc
      • Trinity: Shows 8 characteristics shared by each Person of the Trinity
    • Our new identity in Christ Jesus (Covers 33 attributes of our new identity in Christ. We are holy, loved, redeemed, children of God, ministers of reconciliation, and more.)

Packed with charts and topical indexes, it’s perfect for individual use, New Believers, giveaway gifts, and to use alongside Rose’s What the Bible Says About Prayer and Names of Jesus.
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50 Proofs For the Bible: Old Testament Pamphlet

50 Proofs of the Bible PamphletOverall Rating: 5 Stars
You already know that the Bible is the Word of God. But, what do you say to a person that’s not sure? Is there evidence for the events mentioned in the Bible?
Packed with simple summaries, full-color pictures, and easy-to-understand explanations, this incredible pamphlet provides solid evidence that supports the trustworthiness of Old Testament. Enjoy being able to see 50 key archaeological finds that support the Bible’s accuracy and enjoy digging deeper into the Bible’s background and culture. See evidence for key stories, including Noah’s Ark and the great flood, Abraham, Jericho, King David, Queen Esther,and more!
Easily see why we can trust the Bible and discover fascinating facts that will deepen your understanding of key Bible stories, including:

  • House of David Inscription: In 1993 and 1994, an archeologist found 3 pieces of an inscribed stone referring to David near the Old Testament city of Dan. This was the first reference to King David outside of the Bible.
  • Sumerian King’s List (c. 2100 BC): What is striking about the list of Sumerian kings is that the kings are divided into two groups—those who ruled before a great flood and those who ruled after.

Perfect for personal use, small group Bible Studies, Adult Sunday School, and New Believers’ classes. It fits inside most Bible covers making it easy to pull out when someone has a question.
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What’s So Great About Heaven Pamphlet

What's So Great About Heaven PamphletFrom fluffy white clouds to “following the bright light,” there are many opinions, views, and even myths out there about heaven. Thankfully, the Bible is not silent on the topic of heaven and includes over 600 verses on it. Enjoy having a clear overview of what the Bible says about heaven with this quick-reference pamphlet. Get answers to over 20 common questions about heaven, and gain insight into what the book of Revelation and Jesus’ resurrection tell us about heaven.
Features ‐

  • Features incredible charts, easy-to-understand explanations, and key scripture verses on heaven.
  • Answers over 20 common questions about heaven, such as:
    • Will we be able to recognize loved ones in heaven?
    • Will it be boring? What will we do?
    • Will we have pets? Will we have a physical body?

Perfect for individual use, group Bible study, and new believer’s class. Easily fits inside most Bible covers making it easy to reference when you (or someone you teach) has a question!
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10 Questions and Answers about Angels Pamphlet

10 Questions and Ansswers about Angels PamphletOverall Rating: 5 Stars
A nation-wide AP study showed that 80% of Americans believe in angels . Although the majority of Christian and non-Christians agree that angels exist—we don’t agree on much else.
Some believe we all become angels when we die…while others pray to their guardian angels for protection. So, what do we really know about angels? What does the Bible say about angels? Find out what the Bible says (and doesn’t say) about angels with this quick-reference pamphlet. Discover their origin, activities, and even terrifying might. Find out how to respond to common misconceptions about angels and how they are different from humans. Author Robert Bowman, from the Christian Research Institute, teams up with respected apologist Paul Cardan to answers 10 common questions about angels that Christians and non-Christians ask.
Key Features:

  • Quick and Simple. Features easy-to-understand explanations and incredible charts comparing angels to human; angels to Jesus; and more!
  • Biblical. Includes dozens of key Bible verses and avoids sensationalized speculations.
  • Practical. Answers over 10 common questions about angels, such as:

Plus! It explains the difference between spirits, angels, cherubim, seraphim, archangels, and more!

Perfect for individual use, small group studies, youth groups, pastors, or as a quick-reference.
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What the Bible Says about Prayer Pamphlet

What the Bible Says about Prayer PamphletOverall Rating: 5 Stars
Enjoy having over 100 key Bible verses on prayer!
Have you ever experienced the discouragement of an unanswered prayer? Have you found yourself questioning God, wondering, “Why does he seem silent?” Sometimes prayer seems like a one−sided event, even though we know God is listening. Deepen your understanding of prayer and how God answers our prayers with this incredible Bible study pamphlet. Experience the peace that comes from diving into a deeper communication with God.
Packed with beautiful pictures, simple summaries, and practical suggestions, this in-depth pamphlet on prayer covers—

  • How to pray, including what it means to “pray continuously,” pray in Jesus’ name, pray in the Holy Spirit, pray with faith, and pray in “agreement” with others.
  • The basics of what believers need to know about prayer, including 4 types of prayers (Adoration, Confession, Thanksgiving, Supplication), what to do when waiting for an answer, why pray, and how NOT to pray.
  • Answers questions, such as “Does God hear all our prayers?”

Prayer Pamphlet
Easily fits inside most Bible covers making it easy to pull out and reference during personal times of study, during Sunday services, Bible studies, and when someone has a question!
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100 Things to Know When Dating Pamphlet

100 Things to Know When Dating PamphletOverall Rating: 4.5 Stars
It’s easy to get swept off your feet when a relationship starts, but the excitement can also blind us to some very important questions to consider. There are a lot of things you need to know about a person, whether you are just friends or becoming something more. By answering the 100 questions featured in this pamphlet, you will begin to better know one another and see how well you fit together. Each question is designed to help you know someone based on the 3 C’s: Christianity, Character, and Compatibility. Perfect for singles of all ages.
It even includes a relationship quiz with questions to help you sort out your relationship. Your score will tell you whether to move ahead, ask more questions, or run like crazy!
Key Features:

  • Practical. It includes dating tips and helpful resources including 10 questions to ask if you have children, how to know when it is time to break up a relationship, and 20 key Bible verses.
  • Relevant. Tackles common questions, concerns, and topics, including online dating. It even includes 10 key topics for successful dating.

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Believer’s Baptism Pamphlet

Believer's Baptism PamphletBaptism is important for all Christians who desire to follow Christ’s example. But, how can you easily explain its meaning to others? What information should a Christian know before being baptized?
Enjoy having a solid, easy-to-understand overview on what the Bible says about baptism. Packed with simple summaries, this baptism pamphlet covers what baptism is, why it is included in the Great Commission, why we should be baptized, and more. It features an incredible Q & A section which tackles many common questions about baptism. For each question, it includes a simple explanation along with key Bible verses. Enjoy this pamphlet’s key features:

  • Easy-to-Understand. Includes simple explanation of what baptism is.
  • Relevant. Shares 5 reasons why believers should be baptized along with key Bible verses.
  • Biblical. Includes a solid overview on what the Bible says about baptism, including key beliefs Christians should hold before being baptized; why Jesus was baptized; what does it mean to be baptized in the name of Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit; and more!)

Perfect for individual use, group Bible studies, baptism gifts, and pre-baptism classes (suitable for churches that practice believer’s baptism only AND churches that practice both infant and believer’s baptism).
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Twelve Tribes of Israel Pamphlet

Twelve Tribes of Israel PamphletOverall Rating: 5 Stars
Quickly find out what you need to know about all 12 tribes of Israel! See each tribe’s symbol, meaning, history, and other fascinating facts at a glance!
From the Tribe of Levi who served in the Tabernacle to the Tribe of Judah who led the march to the promised land—each tribe has its own history, land, and heritage. Enjoy having a quick overview of each tribe at your fingertips and easily see its size, symbol, and “backstory” at a glance! Discover how God worked through the twelve tribes of Israel to fulfill his purposes throughout the Old and New Testament—especially his purpose of bringing from the tribe of Judah, Jesus! Covers the tribe of Reuben, Levi, Judah, Joseph, Benjamin, and more!

  • Enjoy having a clear overview of each tribe—Its size, family history, location, key leaders, and a picture of its symbol (Ex: Lion of Judah)
  • Get a simple summary of Jacob’s blessing, Moses’ blessing, and other key events, battles, and controversies related to each tribe (It’s a must-have for any Old Testament study).
  • See key information at a glance with its incredible visuals, including:
    • A diagram showing the family tree of Jacob
    • Tabernacle diagram showing how each of the 12 tribes encamped around it.
    • Time Line showing key events, starting with Abraham’s journey from Haran
    • Easy-to-read, full-color map showing how the “promised land” was divided amongst each of the 12 tribes according to their inheritance.

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Noah’s Ark Pamphlet

Noah's Ark Pamphlet Overall Rating: 4 1/2 Stars
Now you can easily compare the massive Ark to common objects. See how Noah’s Ark was longer than a football field and wider than a semi-trailer truck. Plus, see the inside of Noah’s Ark based on the biblical description. This incredible Noah’s Ark diagram is perfect for adults and kids. A helpful resource for Sunday school lessons, Bible studies, and homeschool curriculum.

  • Diagram of Noah’s family tree showing Noah’s 3 sons and the nations they became.
  • Fully-illustrated Noah’s Ark Timeline
  • See-Inside Diagram of the interior of Noah’s Ark
  • Full-color map of Turkey, Armenia, Georgia and Iran.
  • Handy FAQ section, answering key questions:
    • Where is Noah’s Ark today?
    • How was Noah’s Ark built and how long did it take?
    • Are there ancient flood stories from other countries?

Perfect for individual use, small group studies, youth groups, pastors, or as a quick-reference.
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