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Find out why we have four different gospels and easily compare them side-by-side with this week’s free eChart. Covering Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, see how God reveals Himself through each of the four eyewitness accounts at a glance. This quick-reference eChart explains each of the gospel’s viewpoint, intended audiences, and view of Jesus. See how Matthew proclaims Jesus as Messiah and how John reveals Him as the Word of God. Then, easily navigate through over 30 miracles of Jesus with an incredible comparison chart showing where each miracle is recorded in each gospel (scripture references included.)
This FREE eChart is just 2 pages out of Rose’s Gospels: Side-by-Side Pamphlet, an easy-to-understand pamphlet that compares the similarities and differences between each of the gospels. It includes over 10 charts, a fully-color map, and incredible insights. Click here to save 75% on this Bible study pamphlet
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Gospels: Side-by-Side PamphletGospel Pamphlet

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Easily compare Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John at a glance! Includes over 10 comparison charts!
Instead of flipping back and forth between the four gospels trying to compare them—quickly and conveniently find the information you need with Rose’s Gospels: Side-by-Side Pamphlet. This slim-line pamphlet fits inside most Bible covers, making it easy to pullout and reference! Perfect for personal use, small group, new believers class, or church giveaway.
Packed with over 10 quick-reference charts, this incredible slim line pamphlet makes it easy to compare the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John—at a glance. Enjoy seeing Jesus from four different points of view and discover how their views unite to give us an amazing portrait of who He is. See which events, stories, parables, and miracles of Jesus are recorded in each gospel—and why. Save 75% on this bestseller today only

Enjoy having these 4 key features at your fingertips:

  • Quick & Simple: Includes over 10 quick-reference charts that show key information a glance. Easily compare each of the 4 gospels side-by-side with these visual aids.
  • Easy-to-Use and Convenient: Unlike most study Bibles which store this information in the back, this slim line pamphlet can easily be pulled out and conveniently referenced. Enjoy having it at your fingertips as you read through the gospels and then easily store it in your Bible cover.
  • Answers key questions: Why are there four Gospels? Who wrote the first gospel? Why do the gospels place events in different order? What are the synoptic gospels? Why are they important? And more!
  • Packed with fascinating facts that will add depth to any Bible study. For example: The word “synoptic” means “seen together” and is used to describe Matthew, Mark, and Luke because of their similarities.

Gospel Pamphlet

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Features Incredible Visuals and Over 10 Comparison Charts:

Over 100 key events throughout the Bible

  • Enjoy having 10 side-by-side charts comparing Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. See key information at a glance as you compare:
    • Over 100 key events throughout the Bible
    • Over 30 Miracles of Jesus
    • 40 Parables of Jesus (and more!)
  • From Syria to Judea, easily track Jesus’ moves with a chart listing key places Jesus traveled, what he did at each location, and key scripture verses.
  • Conveniently locate where Jesus traveled with a full-color “Then and Now” Bible Map which shows where Bible places would be located today.
  • Since the four gospels are best understood as biographies, deepen your understanding of the gospels as you discover the difference modern and ancient biographies (Chart Included).

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“This pamphlet lays out the four gospels and their events in an easy to understand format…The charts lays it all out for you. There is a chart for all the events, one for miracles, one for the parables, and another for all the places he visited…This pamphlet is very visually engaging and would be very helpful to have handy in a Bible class or in your own personal study.”— Homeschool_mama, customer review on Amazon


Answers Key Questions in an Easy-to-Understand Way:

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Gospel: Side-by-Side



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