Bible History Birthdays: John Wesley!

To celebrate our NEW How We Got the Bible Series, we’re also celebrating the birthdays of the folks that have influenced Christian history!
Happy birthday John Wesley!

John Wesley
b. June 28, 1703

John Wesley was an Anglican clergyman and theologian who, with the help of several others, laid the foundations for what is today evangelical Methodism. Oxford educated, John Wesley frequently traveled through the U.S., Great Britain, and Ireland to preach outdoors, much like his friend George Whitefield. He was also known to start church and accountability groups as he went along — Wesley strongly believed in the power of discipleship and equipping lay leaders. Towards the end of his life, Wesley had earned the title as “the best loved man in England.” He must’ve been a pretty swell guy… Happy birthday, Johnny!

The best of it is, God is with us.John Wesley

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How We Got the Bible

Want to learn about how we got the Bible? We’ve got the perfect resources for you… Alternatively, here’s a great eChart on How We Got the Bible that you can download right now!

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