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The Gospels include more stories involving Peter than any other of Jesus’ disciples! Enjoy learning more about Peter with this week’s FREE eChart.
Whether it was walking toward Jesus on water or impulsively hacking off a soldier’s ear, Peter was bold, eager, and little rough around the edges. A fisherman by trade, Peter was used to facing danger and it was through Peter (“the Rock”) that the Lord established the early church. Find out more about Peter’s personality, his childhood, his fishing career, and his ministry with this week’s FREE eChart. Loaded with maps, full-color pictures, and diagrams, this printable eChart explains the significance of where Peter grew up, what life was like as a fisherman, and where he travelled throughout his ministry. Includes:

  • Simple summaries and overview of his entire life
  • 3-D Diagram showing the major harbors on the Sea of Galilee
  • 5 topographical maps (Labeled to show where major events took place)
  • Easy-to-read diagram of Jerusalem labeled with major events before and after Jesus’ death.
  • And more!

This is just one chapter from Rose “Then and Now” Bible Map Atlas, which covers over 30 Bible people and contains over 150 full-color maps. Click here to find out more about Rose’s Bible Map Atlas.
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Rose “Then and Now” Bible Map Atlas

Rose Overall Rating: 5 Stars
This atlas’ stunning visuals and full-color maps support its overall “storytelling”—which focuses on people not just regions. No one explains Bible geography and culture better than its author Dr. Paul H. Wright, who lives in Jerusalem and is the executive director of the Jerusalem University College. With this easy-to-use visual aid, uncover new details of the Bible’s most beloved stories and people.

Features Fantastic Visuals, including—

  • 120 full-color, detailed Bible maps. Many maps include notes and arrows to show details and routes of people and events.
  • 50 photos, diagrams, and a family tree
  • Regional maps use clear plastic overlays to show modern-day cities and
    countries in red so you know where Bible places are today. No other
    topical atlas has this feature.


“…Whether readers have been through the Bible fifty times or this is their first, the pictures, maps and extremely readable text will lead them to fresh insight into the greatest of stories.”
—Dr. John Walton, Professor of Old Testament, Wheaton College

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