FREE eChart!: 6 Ways To Follow God’s Model of Fatherhood

Share this eChart with your friends, family, pastors, church leaders, and small group members FOR FREE!
From love and acceptance to faithfulness and discipline, God displays the characteristics that all fathers should have. God’s love is more than an emotion: it is a powerful impulse to act on behalf of His children. With this week’s FREE eChart, find out 6 key characteristics of God the father and get practical suggestions on how to follow His example of fatherhood. Includes 5 practical ways to show your child love and acceptance. Includes simple summaries, key verses, and helpful parenting tips. Share this incredible eChart with your friends, family, and church as a way of celebrating the fathers in your life!
This week’s eChart is only 2 pages from Rose’s Fatherhood pamphlet and explains only 1 out of the 6 characteristics of a good dad. For practical and relevant information on all 6 characteristics, get Rose’s Fatherhood pamphlet for Just 99¢ This Week Only. Features fascinating facts, helpful tips, encouraging scripture, humorous quotes, and practical life applications.
Please Note: Our weekly eCharts are provided as a free service, but it does cost us time and money to create and send these emails. Any order from is appreciated!


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