5 Methods of Bible Study

458Sometimes we limit the Bible by only reading it one way. We do word studies, or we only read the gospels. We relate them to current events or we only read the red-letter text of Jesus. Sometimes we spend all of our time in Job or Psalms looking for solace and comfort.
If you’re looking for a new way to read the Bible, here are 5 classic methods of Bible study:

1. Bible Studies

Study alone or with a partner. Small groups and home study groups can help you ask questions and share insights. Attend a Sunday School class or Bible Study at a Bible-teaching church.

2. Psalms and Proverbs

Read five Psalms and one chapter of Proverbs a day. (You’ll read the 150 Psalms and 31 chapters of Proverbs in a month.)

3. Overview of the Bible

Read through the Bible in one year (about three chapters a day). One-Year Bibles and calendars give daily passages to read.

4. Listen to Learn

Listen to tapes of the Bible, radio programs that teach the Bible, and sermons that teach from the Bible. Taking notes is helpful.

5. Discuss the Bible with Others

Share what you’ve learned with others. Their questions will challenge you to pray and study more to find the answers.
These helpful tips are from Rose Publishing’s pamphlet How to Study the Bible. Click here to learn more about the pamphlet or download this free eChart on deep diving into the Bible!:

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