What NOT to Say to Those Who Are Grieving

Have you ever tried comforting someone? Perhaps, they just heard a bad report from the doctor, got laid off, or had to bury a loved one. You know they need more than just stock answers, like “Hang in there;” “Time heals wounds” or “just trust God.” But, what can you say? How can you help?
Send this printable eChart to those you disciple, your friends, family, pastors, church leaders, youth group leaders, and small group members FOR FREE!
thumbThis week’s FREE eChart reveals 8 common misconceptions people have about grief and exposes what NOT to say to those who are grieving. It shares 6 tips that will help you help others during this tough time and provides uplifting Scripture that provides hope and encouragement. It also includes specific advice for those who are experiencing grief. Although there is not one way to process grief, this week ‘s FREE eChart shares 5 healthy steps a person can take to navigate through grief. Perfect for anyone who is grieving, knows someone who is grieving, or anyone who wants to better show God’s love to others.
This is just a few pages from the June Hunt’s book Grief: Living at Peace with Loss. Enjoy having this bestselling book and 5 other books by June Hunt for Just $11.99. Click here to order the complete bundle.
Here’s just one story of how this book has impacted the life of a Rose employee:

“I used to think I was a good comforter. It wasn’t until I lost my mom 5 months ago to cancer that I realized that the “so sorry’s” and stock answers don’t really help. I found great comfort and wisdom in June Hunt’s book on grief. It gave me practical ways to function during this cloudy time and reminded me of the hope, comfort, and strength I have in Christ.
Plus, it’s short—which is a perk because when you’re struggling with grief, it’s hard to have energy. Its quick-read format made it easy for me to see what I needed, when I needed it. Now, I use this book to help others as they process their own grief and I keep a couple copies to hand out to others.”
— Kate C., Rose Employee

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