FREE Proverbs 31-Day Reading Plan!

For the first time ever, Rose is offering a Free Bible eChart and a 31-Day Reading Plan! Enjoy having simple summaries, quick-reference charts, and dozens of personal reflection questions on the entire book of Proverbs!
Share this printable eChart with your friends, family, pastors, church leaders, and small group members FOR FREE!
763Dive into the beloved Book of Proverbs and gain practical insights on how to grow in wisdom—with this week’s FREE Bible eChart and 31-Day Reading Plan! This free eChart includes a basic outline of proverbs and features an incredible chart on the 12 characteristics of a wise person. It also features an easy-to-follow reading plan that will help you read, reflect, and meditate on the entire book of Proverbs in just 31-Days. This exclusive 31-Day Reading plan includes checkboxes, reading selection, and reflection questions to help you dig deeper into Proverbs. Here’s an overview on what this week’s Free Bible eChart includes:

    • Simple summary on what it means to have the “fear of the Lord”
  • BONUS: 31-Day Proverbs Reading Plan. Easily read through the entire book of Proverbs in just 31 days and enjoy having dozens of personal reflection questions.

This FREE eChart is just 2 pages out of Rose’s Proverbs Pamphlet, an easy-to-understand pamphlet that provides an in-depth overview on the entire Book of Proverbs! Easily use alongside Rose’s 31-Day Reading Plan. Click here to save 75% on this Bible study pamphlet packed with quick-reference charts (Offer good for today only).
Please Note: Our weekly eCharts are provided as a free service, but it does cost us time and money to create and send these emails. Any order from is appreciated!

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One Thought on “FREE Proverbs 31-Day Reading Plan!

  1. April Maston on October 25, 2022 at 4:50 am said:

    Is this Proverbs reading plan and these resources still available? When I click on the links above, it doesn’t take me to the resource.

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