Identity Theft: Securing Who You Are

This week’s FREE eChart covers 8 keys to understanding your identity in Christ. Stand firm in your faith as you deepen your understanding of what it means to be chosen, justified, accepted, free, and sealed by Christ with this week’s Free eChart.
Recently, I … along with up to 70 million other Americans… received an email bearing bad news — our insurance company, Anthem Blue Cross, had been hacked. The company graciously offered to set up special alerts to quickly inform me if someone is trying to steal my identity. Of course, I opted for the extra security as I thought, “Lord, you are my protector… I REALLY don’t want to deal with this.” This event quickly reminded me of how the enemy wants to steal our identities in Christ. He comes to “steal, kill, and destroy” the irrevocable callings and names that God has given to us personally. But, it also reminded me of the security I have in Christ. So, here are some reflection questions I’ve been thinking about and that you can use with this Free eChart:

  • What are some practical ways we can remember who we are in Christ?
  • How does knowing that your identity is secure in Christ affect how you see yourself and others?
  • How can we make sure the enemy doesn’t “steal” our peace, our joy, and our confidence?

This week’s Free eChart covers just 8 of the 30 keys to understanding our identity in Christ featured in Rose’s Who I am in Christ pamphlet.

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