FREE Map of the Middle East: Then and Now!

FREE Middle East Map: Then & Now®

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Enjoy a Free “Then and Now” Bible map of the Middle East! Download it for free today!
From Jesus’ hometown of Nazareth to the Apostle Paul’s childhood city of Tarsus, easily see where Bible places are located today with this week’s FREE Bible Map! This incredible “Then and Now” Bible map is easy to read and shows the location of modern-day countries and cities in red. With this incredible map, instantly deepen your understanding of where Jesus walked and where the disciples spread the gospel news!
This is just 1 map from Rose’s Bible Map Insert, which is packed with dozens of full-color Bible maps, clear plastic overlays, charts, and timelines. Click here to find out more about this Bible Map Insert.
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Then and Now Bible Maps Insert

Rose Bible Map BookOverall Rating: 4.5 Stars
Most study Bibles provide maps showing only the position of cities during Bible times in super small print, making it hard for you (and your students) to clearly see where Bible places are located today.
This easy-to-read Then and Now® Bible Maps Insert features clear plastic overlays, making it easier than ever to see where Bible places are today! Imagine being able to conveniently place over 22 full-color maps within your Bible that conveniently show the location of modern-day countries and cities in red. Perfect for teachers, pastors, church leaders, Bible students, or anyone interested in learning more about the Bible.

“Absolutely the best companion atlas for your Bible study. Fits into a standard-sized Bible. Gives greater understanding to both ancient and present-day struggles in the Middle East. A MUST for preparing to travel in the Holy Land.” — “Deborah,” Customer review on Amazon

Enjoy having these incredible features at your fingertips—

    • 22 full-color maps, showing the Holy Land, the Middle East, Paul’s missionary journeys, and more.
    • 8 clear plastic overlays showing modern day cities and countries in red
    • Old and New Testament time lines —shows Bible events next to world history events
    • An index showing every major place in the Bible
  • Quick-reference charts and diagrams that will add depth to any Bible study! Covers key topics:
    • Easy-to-follow diagram showing the families of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob
    • Chart on 12 judges and prophets, location, to whom they prophesied, date, etc.
    • Incredible diagram of the Tabernacle layout (bird’s-eye view)
    • Diagram of Jerusalem during Jesus’ time
    • Quick-reference charts listing Paul’s missionary journeys and an overview chart of Paul’s letters
“Clear, easily read, easy to carry around, useful and helpful information. If you are looking for Bible- related maps, these are good ones.”— Bullmarket, customer review on Amazon
“It is really handy. Has more information than regular maps. Very detailed information and the price was good.”— Yolanda Mendez,customer review on Amazon
“Great color, very well made, and useful for Bible students.”—customer review on ChristianBook

Includes Dozens of Bible Maps + Clear Plastic Overlays

Old Testament Bible Maps cover areas such as—

  • Middle East, Holy Land (Old Testament), Assyrian Empire, Babylonian Kingdoms, and Persian Empire.
  • Abraham’s journeys, Jacob’s journey, Joseph journey, Exodus route, Jerusalem during the reign of King David and Solomon, and more.

New Testament Bible Maps include—

Perfect for teachers, pastors, church leaders, Bible students, or anyone interested in learning more about the Bible. Fits inside most Bible covers making it easy to pull out and reference!
Save 75% on Then and Now Bible Map Insert

3 Reasons Why THIS Is the Best Bible Maps Insert Available

Compared to other products on the market, Rose’s Bible Maps Insert features—

    1. MORE full-color maps
    2. MORE clear plastic overlays
    3. LARGER font size (Rose’s insert features 8-10 pt. font size; average insert has 5-6 pt. font size)
“EXCELLENT resource for studying the Bible and seeing the past and present lands come to life. I ordered more for gifts to my friends too!” — customer review on Amazon



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