Congratulations on Completing the 40 Days of Fasting Challenge!

Congratulations! You did it! Today, April 2nd, is the last day of Lent!
At the start of Lent, together we started a fasting challenge that included understanding biblical fasting and diving into the Word daily with the 40 Days of Fasting reading plan! Our prayer was that this time spent with the Lord in prayer, fasting, and scripture would encourage a daily habit of surrender and joy for you and those around you. If you missed any part of this, here are some of the weekly tips and devotions we shared with our subscribers:

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In the end, the Word of God should not just convict, challenge, and teach you, but above all, it should transform you.
To help you and those teach keep up with your daily Bible readings, we would like to give you our FREE one-year Bible reading plan. We hope it can help give you the tools to keep your appointment with God.



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