Evidence for Noah’s Flood Found at Ocean Bottom

Metallic nodules have been found on the floor of the Atlantic Ocean that furthers proof of the Great Flood as told in Genesis. These bowling-ball sized orbs of manganese nodules are probably not evidence of prehistoric mermaid bowling team, because manganese nodules form naturally. However, this is the biggest cluster of ore like this found so far and it was found where it was least expected…
So what does this have to do with the flood?

Manganese nodules

They’re geological clues to history of the surface of our planet. The orbs of manganese require a period of time to collect, but the debate has been in regards to how quickly the rates of formation are for these nodules. The key here is that formation is triggered by large sediment deposits, maybe caused by earthquakes, landslides, tsunamis, etc… (Any time you have a large chunk of the planet shaken up, really.) Previously scientists thought that it takes about a million years for a few millimeters worth of particles to collect, but recent observation of these obs forming in man-made reservoirs and lakes suggest that it occurs hundreds of times more quickly. Putting two and two together, when would a large migration of sediment have occurred at the bottom of the ocean? Apparently the flood is the perfect explanation!
Free Noah's Ark eChart

Free Noah’s Ark eChart

“In the millennia after the Flood, sediment deposition would have eventually slowed to today’s ‘slow and gradual’ rates,” Institute for Creation Research physicist Dr. Jake Herbert writes. “Hence, nodules are found mainly in the uppermost sediment layers because these upper layers were deposited slowly enough to allow nodules to grow.”
“In addition,” writes Dr. Herbert, “nodules are found only at the top of the ocean floor, with the greatest density within the first 5 m of sediment and decreasing in size at greater depths. This contradicts the idea that ocean sediment accumulated gradually and continuously over millions of years. Rather it suggests a period of rapid sedimentation that has subsequently waned, a scenario that is consistent with the events of Noah’s Flood.”
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Read more here: http://christiannews.net/2015/03/20/possible-proof-for-noahs-flood-found-at-bottom-of-atlantic-ocean/



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