Refresh Your Bible Reading With These 7 Simple Questions

Many of us have been there. We read the same verse over and over, and it doesn’t make sense, or we can’t just get anything new out of a rich parable. Don’t despair though! The solution is usually as simple as getting fresh perspective on scripture (and we don’t mean trying to read your Bible upside down or backwards.)
This Lent season, we’re exploring the 40 Days of Fasting Bible reading plan and this week we’re sending you 7 questions to get you even deeper in the Word. (If you’d like to join, it’s never too late to be part of 40 Days of Fasting challenge, which is a chunk of our One-Year Bible Reading Plan, just click here to download it!)
As always, we recommend combining your Bible reading with prayer and community. Ask the Lord to prepare your heart to receive the wisdom, love, revelation, and understanding that he has prepared for you on this day. And feel free to take these questions to your small group or Bible study for some deep digging.
Let’s get deeper in the Word!:

  1. What did the author of the book intend to share?
  2. What’s the context of the passage?
    How familiar are you with the culture or geography? Verses dealing with agriculture or other metaphors become so much richer when we understand the references the way their contemporary readers did.
  3. What does this word mean?
    Select a word that is either interesting, unknown, or highlighted to you by the Holy Spirit. See if the original Greek or Hebrew can bring any understanding to the passage.
  4. Is there a phrase that you don’t know the meaning of?
    For example: how would you define the phrase “in Christ” or “by the Spirit” to a new believer?
  5. Can you think of any possible references in this passage to other verses in the Bible?
  6. How can I apply this passage to my life?
  7. What are God’s emotions in relation to this passage and how does your heart respond to this?

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