5 Free Apps to Help You Study the Bible!

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5 Of Our Favorite Apps

To help you out, today we asked around the office for the best FREE Bible study apps to help you get the richest experience out of your time in God’s Word.

No, “app” is not short for “appetizer.” An “app,” or “application,” is software that you can add to your computer or mobile device. The list of apps we’ve chosen have various functions that can allow you to compare scripture in several different translations at once, for example. Some apps allow you to quickly look up words or terms in the original Greek or Hebrew. Others will instantly show you related maps and charts, or even dramatized audio or video of the verses you are reading! We’d be amiss to not share how technology can empower us to know more of God’s Word, and in turn, draw us closer to Him!
And now starting in no particular order!:

1. YouVersion Bible App (iOS and Android)

What’s the first thing that catches the eyes of app-hunters? This app is FREE. Undoubtedly the most downloaded Bible app, YouVersion’s Bible App packs a punch as a multi-media software. Users are attracted by the collection of hundreds of translations and versions that are included in the Bible App, as well as the search function that allows you to comb through all 66 books of the Bible for specific terms and words. Creating an account (optional) on the app unlocks even more features: you can “highlight” verses and make notes in your digital Bible as you would in a physical Bible. The community aspect allows you to add your friends, share verses, and share notes.

“The search feature is really great for cross referencing terms quickly while teachers are going through scripture. I can supplement my Bible classes with information I find on my own. I also love the variety of free reading plans that YouVersion provides: the app allows me to set a reminder to appear on my phone to make sure I get my daily devotion in. It’s helped me create a great habit to spend time in the Word in ways I enjoy and can learn from.” – Raechel W., Rose Staffer

2. Olive Tree (iOS and Android)

Free? Check. Highlighting? Check. Note-taking? Check. Commentaries? Check. Dictionary? Check. Maps? Check. Olive Tree is another rich app that links your Bible reading to a generous supply of resources. Something extraordinary about Olive Tree is that all of these features are available offline, without an internet connection. With KJV and ESV already loaded on the software, Olive Tree users have access to over 100 free resources, with even more versions, commentaries, and other study goodies available for in-app purchase. And of course, your favorite Rose Publishing products can be included in your Olive Tree library for easy studying!

3. Blue Letter Bible (iOS and Android)

The Blue Letter Bible app comes with the KJV and ASV, and having an internet connection will open up 30 free versions/translations as well as a Hebrew/Greek lexicon. The strengths of Blue Letter Bible are the cross referencing abilities–when you read scriptures about Paul’s travels, you can access a map that shows you his paths and destinations. Now you can access FREE Rose Publishing maps through Blue Letter Bible as well!

Blue Letter Bible’s free app is format-rich: did we mention there are audio-commentaries you can listen to while you’re on a run or doing your morning commute? You can even listen to the audio-Bible. Want to customize the app for readability? You have the flexibility to change the text size for easy reading and even personalize the colors and font.

4. Logos (iOS and Android)

Another amazing free app, Logos opens up portals of information for any avid Bible student, and is much more than an app. Creating an account allows you to make your own notes, highlight scripture, access devotionals, and create your own library with over 40 free supplemental books. Through the app, you can purchase even more books and tools to add to your library.

“Logos is more than just Bible software. It is an electronic library that integrates knowledge and allows the user to manipulate information in so many different ways. Logos treats books as data, it actually indexes every book. As data, each book is integrated in their database software, which is the strongest characteristic of the system. This allows the user to perform simple searches of themes or words, or incredibly complex linguistic searches in different languages, Hebrew, Aramaic, Greek, Latin, English, Spanish, and many, many more.” – Benjamin G., Rose Writer & Editor and Adjunct Professor

5. Bible.is (iOS and Android)

Bible.is is praised for it’s versatility in the multi-media category. Don’t just READ the Bible — you can now SEE it thanks to the JESUS Film Project and HEAR it with the audio Bible. Great for teaching and supplementing your lesson plans:

“I like the audio feature on this App.  It’s relaxing and encouraging to just listen to the Word. The voices are dramatized and really add a great effect when I teach Sunday School.” – Amy B., Rose Staffer and Sunday School Teacher

In addition, Bible.is offers more language and translation options than any other mobile app. What other Bible apps can you not go without? Share with us in the comments below!

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4 Thoughts on “5 Free Apps to Help You Study the Bible!

  1. Bible Gateway.com is easy and a great app for all phones, Ipads and computers

  2. Bible Gateway.com is easy and a great app for all phones, Ipads and computers

  3. Though not strictly a study app, http://www.ScriptureTyper.com is a great memory tool for Scripture on the web, android, and apple platforms.

  4. Though not strictly a study app, http://www.ScriptureTyper.com is a great memory tool for Scripture on the web, android, and apple platforms.

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