Can We Really Know What the Bible ACTUALLY Says?

It’s been a week since we started the 40 Days of Fasting Bible challenge! How are you doing? Perhaps you’re still going strong and you haven’t missed a beat. Maybe you forgot the next day and had to write yourself a little note to remember not to eat chocolate or turn on the TV. Or perhaps this is your first reminder and it’s time to rededicate yourself to the 40 days of fasting. Regardless of what your journey has been over the week, we’re glad you’re still with us and we want to encourage you to keep pressing on!

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So How Do We Really Know What God Means?

As part of our Rose Bible challenges, we want to provide some help along the way! As you’ve been going through God’s Word with all of us, you may have asked yourself or prayed “How can I know what God really means by this scripture?” There are so many interpretations out there, from the little details like whether the fruit in the Garden of Eden was really an apple or a metaphor to what it means when Jesus talks about bread as his body in the communion feast.
Theologian Dr. Michael Horton put together a short clip explaining how we can trust to glean reliable understanding from God’s Word:

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