Biblical City of Libnah Found!

Tel Burna, Central Jerusalem – Archaeologists are digging into a mound located in the mountains of central Israel. This mound has gone unexplored until recent curiosity made it a point of interest in 2009.
Specialists believe, according to geography and historical records, that Tel Burna could be the biblical location of Libnah, where the Israelites established a town in the Kingdom of Judah (read more about Libnah in Rose Then and Now Bible Atlas). Until recently, it was argued that Libnah could also be the modern-day Tel Zayit, but the discoveries revealed this week make stronger arguments for Tel Burna.
The excavations have unveiled a series of discoveries: vessels, seals, goblets, chalices, a 13th century BCE building, and fortification walls.


Aerial view of one of the excavation areas at Tel Burna. Courtesy Itzhaq Sahi and the Tel Burna Excavation Project


Stamped handles: Left, a four-winged LMLK; center, seal impression of name Ezer Hagai; right, the Rosette. Courtesy Itzhaq Shai and the Tel Burna Excavation Project

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