FREE eChart: Prayer and Fasting

Send this printable eChart to those you disciple, your friends, family, pastors, church leaders, youth group leaders, and small group members FOR FREE!
Whether you are fasting for Lent or simply want to grow in this area, enjoy getting a fantastic, Bible-based overview on prayer and fasting with this week’s FREE eChart. Find out its impact, power, and place within churches today. Discover how fasting can impact our walk with God and how it influenced the lives of Moses, David, Nehemiah, Daniel, Anna, Paul, Jesus, and more. Shares over 20 practical tips for prayer and fasting!
What will prayer and fasting do?

  • Help you change.
  • Help you break the hold of sinful habits.
  • Help you develop self-control.
  • Help you set priorities, separating the necessities from the time-wasters in life.
  • Make you more grateful to the Lord and others.

This is just 3 pages from the Spiritual Disciplines pamphlet, a full-color pamphlet gives simple summaries, practical tips, and helpful insight on all 8 classic spiritual disciplines. Get the entire pamphlet for JUST 99¢ Today Only!
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Spiritual Disciplines Pamphlet

Spiritual Disciplines Pamphlet for 75% OFF
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Packed with fresh, relevant, and biblical insight, the Spiritual Disciplines pamphlet explains the classic spiritual disciplines that help us follow Jesus, including prayer, fasting, worship, evangelism, and more. The pamphlet’s easy-to-follow layout and practical tips make it perfect to use as a handout/Bible study for individual study, 1-on-1 discipleship, small groups, or adult Sunday school class.

For each spiritual discipline, it provides:

    • Clear overview with 5-7 bullet points highlighting key characteristics
    • Examples from people in the Bible (from both the Old and New Testament)
    • How each discipline helps us to have a Christ-focused life

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Spiritual Discplines Pamphlet for 75% OFF

Enjoy getting easy-to-understand explanations and practical advice on—

  • Bible Reading/Study
  • Prayer
  • Fasting
  • Worship
  • Service
  • Solitude
  • Discernment
  • Evangelism
“One of the most neglected areas of Christian life and the One that can lead to true satisfaction in our everyday walk with God is the area of Spiritual Discipline. Every believer, family and Church needs to study and apply the principles laid out in this well-written pamphlet. As a former discipleship pastor and Dean of Students at a Bible college, I highly recommend this product. ” —Wayne Newcomb, Retired Pastor and Team Rose Representative


    • 8 practical ways to go from bad habits to good habits— covers submission, accountability, persistence, grace, and more!
    • A quick-reference chart showing the difference between spiritual disciplines and the world’s “self help” habits.
    • Answers important questions, such as : How can spiritual disciplines be a joy, not a legalistic burden?What does it mean to be Jesus’ disciples in the twenty-first century?

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