Congratulations on Completing the 30-Day Bible Reading Challenge!

Congratulations, warrior in the Word! You’ve finished the 30-day challenge. We’d like to present this certificate to celebrate your amazing achievement. But this reached goal isn’t just a bragging right, a check off the list, or a trophy on your shelf- it’s so much more…
Did you know that it takes about 21 days to build a habit? If you completed the Rose Bible Challenge, you dove into the Bible for over 4 weeks! Though the challenge ends here, the devotion doesn’t. Continue reading the Bible and pressing in to truly know the Lord in all that He is. Combine your reading with study, prayer, and fellowship for the ultimate journey in becoming familiar with the King of kings and Lord of lords!
Did you enjoy using our one-month Bible reading plan? Well, you’re in luck! We have a One-YEAR plan just for you! Click here for more information.
Did you finish the challenge? If so, leave a comment below with “I finished!” and share with us some of your own helpful hints and discoveries along the way.
What are you waiting for? Click below to download, print, and fill out your certificate! You earned it!
30 Day Bible Reading Certificate
As pastors, church leaders, parents, and all of the many roles you have, you might forget the certificate in the busyness of your life.
But let me share a story (it’s short, I promise) that may surprise you about how motivating a tangible reward can be:

A few years ago, I took a 4-week ministry training course that started at 8 a.m. and ended at 5 p.m. on Saturdays! At the end of the course, I received a printable award. The program took over my mornings, but I was proud that I completed it. It seems silly now, but I printed the certificate and tacked it up on the “award” wall at home (next to me and my husband’s Master degrees)…

The truth is that most of us have enjoyed receiving a certificate. It validates your effort and what you accomplished. Simply printing and handing out these certificates for your church or small group can be a small part of keeping Bible readers committed to the Word of God.
At Rose, we started the challenge with the goal of not only reading the Bible for 30 days. The real goal was (and is) ultimately to connect with God on a daily basis. It is about seeking to hear from God about what He wants us to do, to avoid doing, to imitate.
Because, in the end, the Word of God should not just convict, challenge, and teach you, but above all, it should transform you.
God bless you! Keep going!



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