It’s Week 2 of Our Bible Challenge! How Are You Doing?

Congratulations! You’ve completed more than 2 weeks of daily Bible readings with our 30-Day Bible Challenge. We hope you’ve felt the affects of reading the Word everyday and deepening your relationship with God.
But if you or those you teach have skipped a day (or two) of your daily Bible readings, it’s important to remember the goal of this challenge is for your Christian encouragement, not discouragement.
Don’t let missing one (or more than a few days) make you feel like you failed. Instead, realize that anytime you read the Bible, you’ve succeeded. Here are some helpful ways to maintain a positive outlook that will help you keep the right goal in mind: cultivating a daily time with the Lord.
Research shows that people thrive more when they receive praise for perseverance than performance. So be mindful to focus on having a positive attitude with you and those you teach. Emphasize the Bible readings your church or small group has achieved instead of pointing out what they missed. It may be helpful to share this chart with those you teach or use this blog as a starting point for a Bible study! Whether you’re keeping up with your daily Bible reading, or have a missed a few days, be encouraged: “People look at the outward appearance, but the LORD looks at the heart.”(1 Sam. 16:17)

Join our Daily Bible Challenge by simply commenting below, “I join!” FREE 2015 Bible Reading Plan included. Share this post to invite (and challenge) your friends, family, and church to join!
How are you doing on the 30-Day Bible Challenge? Feel free to share your comments!



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