Limited-Time Offer! $5 Sale on Rose’s Bestselling Bible Study Guides!


Studies show that over 83% of learning occurs visually…yet most individual and small group Bible studies don’t use visuals to explain key information. Imagine having a Bible study that DOES!

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Now through Monday, save 67% on individual and group Bible studies that feature full-color pictures, quick-reference charts, maps and diagrams—Just $5 each when you buy 4 or more (mix and match okay!). Packed with stunning graphics, simple summaries, and relevant section-by- section commentary, each Rose Bible Basic book combines our most popular pamphlets together and includes an engaging study guide that’s perfect for individual or group Bible studies. Hurry! Offer good while supplies last. Order now to save 67%.
As you continue your daily Bible readings with us for our 30-Day Rose Bible Challenge, any one (or several!) of these tools can help you dig deeper into the Word of God!
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