The Nativity Story 2.0

What would it look like if social media was around during the birth of Jesus?

This charming three-minute clip retells the birth of Christ via social media tools like Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare and Amazon.

Clever bits include:

  • Mary looking for the best route to get to Bethlehem from Nazareth via Google Maps – taking care to tick the box to Avoid Romans.
  • Joseph creating a “Meet the Baby” event on Facebook while his newsfeed reveals he’s a Farmville fan.
  • Joseph and Mary searching for hotels on Foursquare only to have “stable” pop up.
  • The Three Wise Men following the StarofBethlehem on Twitter, all the way to the stable.

“Times change, the feeling stays the same,” the video reads at the end. “Happy digital holidays.”
Click below to watch the digital treatment of The Nativity Story:

We want to know! What was your favorite use of social media and the web in the Digital Story of the Nativity?



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