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Pamphlet Blowout Sale!

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“Rose pamphlets are easy to read, easy to carry in our Bibles, and easy to use as basic references. Plus, I often give them as gifts!”—Karen Olson, Coordinator of Church Leaders, Fountain Valley, CA

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Names of Jesus Pamphlet

Names of Jesus Pamphlet

Overall Rating: 5 Stars

The Christmas season is the perfect time to celebrate and reflect on who Jesus is— and what it means to follow him!

Enjoy having a basic overview of all 50 names of Jesus with this quick-reference pamphlet. See each of Jesus’ 50 names at a glance—along with its Scripture references, its meaning,
key insights
, related names, and more. Whether you are digging into the meaning of Immanuel or reflecting on what it means to have Jesus as our Prince of Peace— knowing and understanding the names of Jesus will enrich your time of personal devotion, prayer, and Bible study. Even during the busy holiday season, you can experience the peace that comes from focusing on him! Fits inside most Bibles—Perfect for individual use, small groups, and Christmas giveaways!

Deepen your understanding of who Jesus is by seeing what the Bible says about Him. He is—

Great Christmas Giveaway for your friends, family, or church group! With Christmas just around the corner, this beautiful pamphlet is an easy way to refresh and encourage others.

Perfect for individual use, small groups, Christmas giveaway, or to hand someone as an encouragement. Use as a stand-alone study, devotion, gift, or to add depth to any Bible study.

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24 Ways to Explain the Gospel Pamphlet

24 Ways to Explain the Gospel
Overall Rating: 4.5 Stars

You already know that people are more open to talk about Jesus during the Christmas season than any other time. Churches often encourage members to use the Christmas season as an opportunity to share the good news. But, salvation can be a difficult topic to explain. So, the question is not should we share the gospel during Christmas—but how?

Enjoy having dozens of word pictures and illustrations that will help you (and those you teach) explain the Gospel in an easy-to-understand way. Using common experiences and ideas (such as gardening, a campfire, or joining a family), this pamphlet provides a clear overview of 24 different ways you can explain the Gospel. It also covers four “evangelism plans” that you can use to present the message of the Gospel in a simple yet effective way.

Enjoy having easy-to-understand explanations and illustrations for these key truths:

  • In Jesus, we find complete forgiveness
  • Jesus promises to give us new and abundant life
  • Jesus promises to make us free from all bondage
  • Jesus promises to give us lasting peace

It’s a beautiful reminder of why Jesus was born and simple way to reach those who visit your church for the first-time (at Christmas or throughout the year!).

Perfect for individual use, Bible studies, discipleship classes, evangelism training, new believer’s classes, church giveaways, or to keep in your Bible to reference when someone has a question.

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Bible Promises for Hope and Courage Pamphlet

Bible Promises for Hope and Courage Pamphlet

Overall Rating: 5 Stars

Enjoy having hundreds of the most comforting and encouraging Bible verses at your fingertips. Each scripture has been chosen to reflect God’s care for you and to offer hope, courage, and comfort. Includes easy-to-read headers to help you quickly find the scripture you need.

From the psalms in the Old Testament to the Gospels in the New Testament, the Bible contains promises from God that can comfort us in times of pain, strengthen us in times of weakness, and give us hope in times of despair. Every promise is a window into the heart of the ever-present, all-loving, and almighty God.

Includes hundreds of Bible verses on—

  • How to find comfort, peace, and joy
  • How to rest in contentment, security, strength, courage
  • How to overcome loneliness, depression, fear, worry
  • How to rejoice in mercy, hope, forgiveness, and assurance of Salvation
  • How to make godly decisions, share one’s faith, and much more

Bible Promises for Hope and Courage

Perfect for church giveaways (for Christmas, first time visitors, or new believers), devotions, prayer ministries, outreach, or to simply hand to someone for encouragement. Fits in most Bible covers.

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Who I am in Christ Pamphlet

Who I am in Christ Pamphlet

Overall Rating: 5 Stars

When we become a follower of Christ, we become a new creation. But what does that mean? What does it mean to be a new creation in Christ Jesus? Packed with simple summaries, Bible verses, and pictures this incredible pamphlet explains who we are in Christ by revealing 30 characteristics of our new identity. For each characteristic, it gives a 2-3 bullet point explanation and several key Bible verses. It answer key questions, such as: What does it mean to be made in the image of God?

Experience the joy that comes from realizing that your identity is based on what God has done through His Son, Jesus Christ! You can live with confidence and hope because you have a new identity in Christ:

  • You are forgiven, accepted, and alive! You are His beloved.
  • You are crafted by God, made for worship, and chosen by Him
  • You were saved from sin and brokenness
  • …and so much more

Perfect for personal use, devotions, Bible Studies, church giveaways, discipleship, recovery groups, hospital work, New Believer’s classes, or to hand to someone as a source of encouragement.

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Attributes of God Pamphlet

 Attributes of God Pamphlet

Overall Rating: 5 Stars

Experience the relief, joy, and hope that come from deepening your understanding of who God is. This 14-page, full color pamphlet explains not only 20 of God’s traits, but provides practical reflection questions, helping you apply what you know about God’s character to your personal life.

Whether you’re in the midst of a storm or whether you’re enjoying a time of prosperity, knowing who God is will enrich your time of worship and deepen your Bible study. Understanding His character is an important part of learning how to trust and rely on Him. Perfect for personal or small group Bible studies, devotions, and to give to a friend as a source of encouragement.

  • Covers 20 traits, such as— Immutable (He never changes), Omnipotent (He’s all powerful), Loving, Jealous, and more!
  • Features an incredible life-application section—packed with over 20 reflection questions and thought-provoking activities (Great for object lessons/ devotions).
  • Example: Find a rock and hold it in your hand. Squeeze it, knock it, and try to bend it. The rock is pretty hard to move or change, but with enough pressure it could change. God, however, will never change. How is God’s changelessness a comfort to you?

Perfect for individual use, group study, new believers’ class, 1-on-1 discipleship, church giveaways, and more! Easily fits inside most Bible covers!

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Where to Find Favorite Bible Verses Pamphlet

Where to Find Favorite Bible Verses Pamphlet

Enjoy having hundreds of Bible verses organized by topic at your fingertips! Quickly and easily find the Scripture references you want on important topics, such as prayer, names of Jesus, our identity in Christ, overcoming worrying, and more. Easily slip this pamphlet into the cover of most Bibles—and pull it out during times of prayer, when someone asks you a question, or when preparing a lesson. You will refer to this incredible pamphlet again and again as you look through the Bible for important “nuggets” of wisdom and as you pray through the Scriptures.

  • Enjoy having Scriptures that will strengthen and comfort you when you are afraid, angry, depressed, doubting salvation, envious, physically ill, lonely, tired, worried, tempted and more. (Shows hundreds of verses)
  • See tons of information at a glance with its quick-reference charts covering:
    • 10 Names of Jesus and 7 Names of God, such as El Shaddai, Jehovah Rapha, etc
    • Trinity: Shows 8 characteristics shared by each member of the Trinity
    • Our new identity in Christ Jesus Covers 33 attributes of our new identity in Christ. We are holy, loved, redeemed, children of God, ministers of reconciliation, and more.

Packed with charts and topical indexes, it’s perfect for individual use, New Believers’ classes, or as a church giveaway.

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SAVE 75% For 2 Days Only!

Now through Friday, Save 75% on these incredible pamphlets —Just 99¢ when you buy 10 or more (mix and match okay)! Offer good while supplies last! Get them while they’re still in stock!

Pamphlet Blowout Sale!

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