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When we know who we are in Christ—the ups and downs of life can’t shake us. So the question is not should I find my identity in Christ—it’s how? How can I find my identity in Christ alone (and not in my job or what others think)?

Deepen your understanding of who God is and discover how He sees you with this easy-to-understand book! Featuring practical advice, personal reflection questions, and relevant insight, this Scripture-packed book will help you avoid the confusion and pain that comes from a misplaced identity and will help you answer the tough life question: Who am I? Discover how to overcome negative messages from your past and how to establish you identity on Jesus alone (Includes incredible insight as to why establishing our identity on anything else, including our jobs, status, achievement, and family is risky). Perfect for individual use or group Bible study!

Features encouraging scriptures, personal reflection questions, real-life applications, and engaging activities to help you dig deeper into what the Bible says about our identity in Christ.

“Who are you, really? Author Norm Wright points out that most of us on planet earth get our identities from our work, social position and achievements. From these, we get self-worth. But, as the reader will find out, our work, roles, and possessions do not define who we are. Why would a
reader pick up this book? Because it addresses the age-old question: “Who am I?” It doesn’t matter whether you’re 20 or 100, all of us need to ask this question at every critical turn of the life cycle.”
—John, customer review on Amazon
“The truths within this book will empower you to live the life that God created you to live. It will give you the keys to discover what was lost in the garden and a path to recover all that God has in store for you as you live a life in Him.“— Wayne Newcomb, retired pastor, church leader, and Team Rose Rep
“I have learned that who I am is not tied to physical abilities, roles, and emotional ties in life. Who I am is determined by my Creator, my Potter, Sovereign LORD. Who I am is determined by ‘Whose I am!’…Chapter three is the meat of the text: how to let go of your false identities and accepting God’s grace and His plan for you.”— Ann Sanger, customer review on Amazon

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FREE Identity eChart:
Discovering Who God is and How He Sees You

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Do you know what happens when you have healthy understanding of God? You begin to get a healthy understanding of yourself!

This week’s FREE eChart covers 25 truths about God’s character—and how his character impacts the way he sees us and our identity. Knowing these truths are important because how we view God often shapes how we view ourselves. If your view of God is warped, your view of
yourself will be warped as well. These warped perspectives can seem small and not important, yet they can drastically impact a believer’s growth in God and prevent them from forming a healthy personal identity. Experience the joy and peace that comes from establishing your identity on the one foundation that is unchangeable—God’s unfailing love and steadfast character.

This week’s FREE eChart is only a couple pages from Norm Wright’s NEW Discovering Who You Are and How God Sees You book. To find out more about our identity in Christ and the 11 ways he wants to bless you, check out the complete, 110-page book— for just $3.25 For 5 Days Only!

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New Release Special! Save 35% For 5 Days Only!

Save 35%! Get these incredible NEW books For Just $3.25 each when you buy 4 or more (Mix and Match Okay)! Perfect for individual use, small group Bible studies, or to give away to a friend! Don’t Wait! Offer good while supplies last!

Discovering Who You Are and How God Sees You

Discovering Who You Are and How God Sees You

Experience the confidence and joy that comes from finding your identity in Christ (instead of what others think).

When we know who we are in God’s eyes, our confidence won’t allow the ups and downs of life to destroy our self-worth and how we view ourselves. Once we realize that having the right job, the right possessions, or even having the right connections are not who we are, we can establish our identity on the one
foundation that is unchangeable—God’s love for us! Throughout this helpful book, Norm Wright takes you step-by-step through the process of answering the key question: Who am I? He includes questions, exercises, activities, and even provides areas for you to write down your responses.

Enjoy getting key scripture verses, insight, and practical advice on—

  • How to find your identity in Christ rather than in what others think
  • How to overcome the effects of negative messages from the past
  • 6 practical ways to believe and walk in the truth of who God says that you are
  • How to answer key questions, such as:
    • What is identity? How do we form our identity?
    • Why do people have mid-life crisis or an identity crisis?
    • How can I know if my identity is based too much on others’ opinions?

Perfect for individual use, small group Bible studies, 1-on-1 discipleship, youth groups, college/young adult ministry, women and men’s ministries, etc.

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Overcoming Fear and Worry

Overcoming Fear and Worry

We have all experienced fear and worry at some point in our lives. We know it drains our energy, but how can we stop it? What should we do when we feel bombarded by anxious thoughts?

Expert Norm Wright provides practical advice on how to spot, face, and conquer fear in this easy-to-understand book. Using stories, life
, and clear explanations, Norm Wright writes in a way that makes you feel as if he is speaking straight to you. Weaving his experience as a Christian counselor with the Word of God, he takes you step-by-step through the process of overcoming your fear. Find out how to successfully combat negative thought patterns with the Word of God and discover how to effectively maintain a positive outlook on life through prayer and positive self-talk!

Includes practical reflection questions, exercises, activities, and even areas for you to personally respond to the questions included. Perfect for individual use or a small group Bible study.

  • Find out the difference between helpful and unhelpful fear
  • Recognize the true causes of fear and how to overcome them
  • Discover practical ways to break patterns and habits of anxiety and worry
  • Get answers to key questions, such as: What causes my fear? How can I overcome fear? How does worrying affect my health? Is it a sin to worry? And more!

Perfect for personal use, Bible Studies, discipleship, New Believer’s classes, youth/college groups, support groups, or to hand to someone as a source of encouragement.

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Recovering from the Loss of a Love

 Recovering from the Loss of Love

How do you get over a break up? How do you move on when someone you love walks away?

It feels like the deepest hurt in the world…and you don’t know how you can ever move on. People tell you that “time heals all wounds,” but that doesn’t help with the pain you feel right now. Whether
it’s the loss of love through a breakup or the agony of having someone not love you back, expert Norm Wright understands. He has worked with those devastated by heartache for over four decades. He knows how to compassionately and practically help you work through the feeling of loss, grief, and rejection—showing you how to resist blaming God, how to make sense of it all, and how to finally move forward.

From evaluating the relationship’s strengths and weaknesses to listing the emotions you are still struggling to overcome, Norm Wright includes practical activities that will help you deal with the anger, pain, and loneliness caused by the break up.

  • Get answers to key questions: Is it normal for me to feel this way? How long is this pain going to last? How can I get over my anger? Why does it hurt so much?
  • Discover how to work through the emotions caused by grief and loss.
  • Find out the 5 steps to letting go and the 10 tips on how to move forward.
  • Recognize whether you are afraid of loving again (and find out how to overcome that fear)

Perfect for personal use/growth, to give to someone who is struggling with the loss of love (adult or teen), Christian divorce recovery group, or as a quick-reference tool for pastors, church leaders, teachers, prayer partners, and friends who want to know how to help someone during this difficult season of life.

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Helping Your Hurting Teen

Helping Your Hurting Teen

Find out how to help a teen struggling with anger, depression, grief, or loss with this easy-to-understand book by expert Norm Wright. Includes an overview of key symptoms and practical solutions.

Is your teen withdrawing, acting unusual, or distracted? Do you feel like you just don’t know your child anymore? Are you afraid it’s more than just a stage? Find out which responses are “normal” adolescent behaviors, and which ones indicate deeper issues related to loss, anger, or teen depression, with this easy-to-understand book. Expert Norm Wright gives insight on how to reconnect with your child, understand their struggle, and never lose hope.

  • Find out how to help your teen face and overcome fear, guilt, anger and teen depression
  • Discover 11 key ways parents can help their teen process grief. Covers everything from the symptoms of grief to healthy ways to mourn.
  • What to say when your child is struggling with fear (fear of failing, bullying, rejection, etc.)
  • Learn 4 basic principles on how to interact with your teen and foster positive communication (Features conversation starters, models, and even tips for parents. Includes 54 different questions you can use to get your child talking to you again.)

Perfect for parents (as well as pastors, youth leaders, children’s ministry leaders, teachers, concerned friends and family members) who want to help a teen during a difficult time.

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