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For 3 Days Only! Save $30! Get Rose’s End-Times DVD Bible Study for ONLY $59.99!

With so many people talking about end-times prophecy, tension in the Middle East, and the Blood Moons, now’s the perfect time to get a solid overview of topic with this all-inclusive DVD study!

When is Jesus coming back? When will the rapture happen? There are a lot of opinions, myths, and even misunderstandings about Jesus’ second coming. Christians for centuries have wondered (and disagreed) about how and when Jesus will return. Enjoy having an easy-to-understand overview of all key Scriptures on end-times prophecy and get unbiased explanations on each of the 4 different end-times views held by Christians. Covers key questions, including: When will Jesus return? When will the rapture happen? What should I know about the mark of the beast, 666, and the anti-Christ? and more!

Hurry! Save $30 on this all-inclusive DVD Bible study this week only! Offer good while supplies last.

You don’t have to be an expert to lead this all-inclusive study! It includes everything you need:

  • Ready-to-use DVD with 6 teaching sessions
  • Leader Guide (Printed and PDF)— Includes discussion questions
  • Participant Guide (Printed)
  • Quick-reference pamphlet
  • PowerPoint with dozens of illustrations to extend the teaching.
  • 1 —CD-ROM with printable PDF files for promotional material (posters, bulletin inserts, etc).

4 Views of the End-Times DVD

For 3 Days Only! Save 33%! Order now to save $30 on Rose’s 4 Views of the End-Times Complete Kit! Perfect for small group Bible studies! Hurry! Offer good while supplies last.

“Much of what is seen and heard is mere speculation. This study provides Biblical definitions of the End Time terms while laying out clearly the four different views of the End Times within Christianity. Many of the questions about the rapture, second coming, tribulation and the millennium are addressed as well…[he] puts these teachings in a useable and easy to understand format”— Wayne Newcomb, retired pastor, church leader, Team Rose rep

“Excellent introduction to the four prominent end times views. The material is presented in an easy-to-follow and easy-to-understand manner without bias. Pros and cons are given for the various views and the views are compared with Scripture. The views are treated fairly and accurately. I recommend it for personal or group study.”—Randy Brown, Bible Buyer Guide Blogger

“Truly absorbing, Jesus-focused exploration of the book of Revelation—and our part in the days to come. Highly recommended.” Mike Nappa, bestselling author of The Courage to be Christian

Includes 6 Teaching Sessions on DVD:

  1. Keeping Our Eyes on Jesus, the Focus of the Gospel
  2. What do Christians Agree Upon When it Comes to the End of the World?
  3. Amillennialism
  4. Dispensational Premillennialism
  5. Historical Premillennialism
  6. Postmillennialism

4 Key Features of this Incredible DVD Bible Study!

  1. Covers Key Verses and Terms in an Easy-to-Understand Way—such as the Rapture, Anti-Christ, Church age, Eschatology, Tribulation, and more!
  2. Gives a Solid Overview and Unbiased Information on all 4 Views of the End-Times —Describes each view in a clear and objective way.
  3. Avoids Extreme Speculations—Provides quality, Bible-based explanations from Dr. Timothy Paul Jones.

  4. All-inclusive and Easy-to-lead— Provides everything you need to teach this study, such as 6 teaching sessions on DVD, leader guide, participant guide, and more!
“This DVD is all I expected and a whole lot more. This series does not try to “sell” you on any particular view of the end times; instead it simply presents (in clear understandable language) what the views are and how the different views affect the way one may interpret various portions of the Holy Scriptures concerning the end times. Possibly the BEST piece of work yet on this subject.”— Faith Evangelistic Ministries, customer review on Amazon

Don’t wait! Get the entire complete kit for just $59.99 (Reg. $89.99) For 3 Days Only!
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4 Views of the End-Times DVD Sale



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