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Flash Sale on Armor of God Pamphlet
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Flash Sale on Armor of God Pamphlet
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Today Only! Get the Armor of God Pamphlet For Just 99¢ (reg. $3.99)

Life isn’t always easy—for you or for those you teach. Discover how to stay strong and stand firm in your faith by putting on the full armor of God!

Enjoy digging deeper into Ephesians 6 and find out the meaning of each piece of armor, its historical background, and its application to our spiritual battles today! Packed with simple summaries, charts, and full-color illustrations, this easy-to-understand pamphlet covers the sword of spirit; breastplate of righteousness; gospel of peace; belt of truth; shield of faith; and helmet of salvation. Perfect for individual use or small group Bible studies. Use it as a stand-alone study or to add depth to any New Testament Bible study! Get It for Just 99¢ Today Only


  • A detailed overview on each piece of the Armor of God (Includes a clear description, historical background, application, and related Bible verses)
  • Full-color, historically-accurate illustration of Roman Armor labeled with key verses.
  • Fascinating facts on Roman armor and military fighting techniques. Plus, it covers key background information on the Apostle Paul, his missionary journey, and life in Ephesus.
  • A life-application chart that shows 25 practical ways to apply the Armor God to your life. Covers how to combat temptations, anger, selfishness, anxiety, gossip, and more!

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Save 75% on Armor of God Pamphlet

“Great info. Good for teaching and Bible study. Helps show what each piece of armor is for and the scripture to back it up.”
— Sonja Ballance, customer review
“It has a wealth of information of the topic… It gives excellent explanations of each weapon, good background information, and ways to apply it to our lives today. It not only greatly helped me write a sermon on “The Armor of God”; the section on “Stand Firm in Spiritual Warfare” gave me enough information to write a second sermon. For a small item, it was worth its weight in gold!”
— Alan K, customer review

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For each piece of the Armor of God, it provides

  • DESCRIPTION: 1-2 sentence description of what it looked like and the material used to make it
  • HISTORICAL BACKGROUND: Features an easy-to-understand explanation of how it was used by a Roman solider (Includes incredible cultural and historical insights)
  • APPLICATION: Explains how it relates to our lives today. Covers at least 2-3 key ways to apply it to your life.
  • RELATED PASSAGES: Shows cross-references and similar verses on the particular topic

Save 75% on Armor of God Pamphlet

Find Out Fascinating Facts about the Armor of God and How It Applies to Our Lives Today!

For example:

  • The first piece of protective equipment a solider would put on was his belt. It would prepare him for battle by tying up his garments so they would not get in the way during fighting. Find out how the belt of truth is a reminder to Christians that they should always be prepared for battle— and see how the belt of truth prepares us to fight.
  • The Romans would join their shields closely together to create a protective “shell” around each other (tortoise formation). Find out what this teaches Christians about the importance of remaining united and close to one another.
  • The only offensive weapon mentioned in Ephesians 6 is the Sword of the Spirit. Discover how to effectively wield the Sword of Spirit by examining how Jesus used the Word of God to combat the Devil’s temptations.

Today Only! Get Rose’s bestselling Armor of God pamphlet for just 99¢ (Reg. $3.99).

“Concise, but power-packed… gives you a lot of information in a concise format perfect for a reference tool. The charts and illustrations are also great.”
— praise74, customer review on Amazon
“I really like this pamphlet because it breaks down the information very easily.”
—Mary Alvarez, Rose customer review

Enjoy Having These 5 Key Features at Your Fingertips:

  • A detailed description of each piece of the Armor of God— packed with historical insights that will increase your understanding of this most beloved passage, Ephesians 6.
  • Full-color, historically-accurate illustration of Roman Armor labeled with verses. (Note: Some other illustrations on the market show inaccurate armor from the Middle Ages or other time periods.)
  • Background information on Paul, his missionary journey, and life in Ephesus. Includes a map to show the location of Ephesus.
  • A chart that shows over 25 practical ways to combat the “devil’s schemes” in our life, such as fear, discouragement, anxiety, anger, and jealousy. Includes Scripture references on how to combat the devil’s schemes with God’s truth.
  • 7 personal prayer models to help you stay strong in the faith.
“This is a must have pamphlet for every Christian. We are in a Spiritual War and this pamphlet helps to show what it takes you to be prepared.”— Daniel Putnam, customer review on Amazon
“I love it. Contains a great deal of information on the Whole Armor of God. It helps me to explain the Armor of God to my students.”—Bernice C. Haynes
“Amazing and greatly detailed. I plan on using it for a youth retreat when I explain to them the what the full armor is.”— Jen, customer review on Amazon

Perfect for

  • Individual Use (Either as a Bible study or quick-reference)
  • Small Group Bible Study
  • Discipleship and New Believers’ Class
  • Children and Youth Groups (Features simple explanations— appropriate for 10 and up)
  • Prayer groups and altar workers
  • Quick-reference tool for teachers, pastors, church leaders, and Bible students
  • Supplemental resources (Easily adds depth to any New Testament Bible study)

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