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NEW Jesus' Family Tree Book
Customer Rating:5 Stars
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Looking at the dozens of names listed in Jesus’ family tree—can cause anyone to wonder: Can I just skip it?… What do I really need to know?

Find out what you need to know about Jesus’ family tree at a glance with this visually stunning and easy-to-understand reference book! Packed with charts, timelines, diagrams, and simple summaries, this NEW reference book covers the backstory of over 30 key people in Jesus’ family tree — from Adam and Abraham to King David and John the Baptist. Dive into the incredible stories of spies, kings, prostitutes, military heroes, and other key members of Jesus’ family tree and be encouraged as you see how God can use anyone to fulfill his plans (despite people’s strengths and weaknesses). Perfect for individual use, small groups, or to add depth to any Old or New Testament study.


  • Clear overview and commentary on 30 key ancestors of Jesus, including Adam, Noah, Abraham, Ruth, Rahab, Joseph, King David, John the Baptist, and more.
  • Dozens of charts, maps, timelines, family trees, and diagrams that show key information at a glance!
  • Fascinating facts that will add depth to any Bible study! Find out why it was unusual for Jesus’ genealogy to specifically mention women; discover the key Old Testament prophecies Jesus fulfilled; and more !
  • Relevant insight for believers today on God’s faithfulness and what it means to be a “child of God.”

BONUS! An incredible fold-out family tree diagram that shows key information at a glance!

“Beautiful. Eye-opening. Faith-strengthening. [It] helps people to see the cohesiveness of the Old and the New Testament with Jesus as the central figure!” — Dr. Shane Chew, pastor
“It is organized well with colorful charts and lineage posters…Full-color photographs pepper each page.”— Ann Sanger, review on Amazon

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Special on Rose’s New Jesus’ Family Tree Book Sale Ends Today! Save $26.99! Buy the book, get its PDF for FREE (reg. $26.99). Here’s a short description on just some of its special features.

Jesus’ Family Tree Book

Jesus Family Tree
Overall Rating: 5 Stars

Features reproducible pages, fold-out diagrams, charts, and a fantastic overview of 30 key people from Jesus’ family tree!

You (and those you teach) already know that Mary was the mother of Jesus. But, few of us know about Jesus’ great grandfather, his uncles, and other important family members. Easily see how their stories lead to the greatest story of all—the birth of Jesus Christ— with this visually stunning and easy-to-understand reference book!

Enjoy getting an easy-to-understand overview on 30 key people a part of Jesus’ family tree and be encouraged as you see how God fulfilled his promises through the generations (despite the strengths and weaknesses of each individual). Fantastic for personal use, Bible studies, Sunday school lessons, and homeschool curriculum! Plus, every page is REPRODUCIBLE—make up to 300 copies for your friends, small group members, and students.

  • Covers 30 key people a part of Jesus’ family tree (Explains how God used each person to accomplish his plan and fulfill his promises)
  • Packed with full-color charts, maps, timelines, family trees, and diagrams showing 100’s of facts at a glance! Plus, it includes a bonus, fold-out genealogy diagram!
  • Features reproducible pages (spirally-bound, make up to 300 copies for individual/group use)
“Jesus’ Family Tree lays out God’s faithfulness in fulfilling His promise of a redeemer for Israel and all of mankind. It is so beautifully designed and well written you will not want to put it down.”—Wayne Newcomb, Retired Pastor, Church Leader, and Team Rose Representative

Hurry! Pre-order this incredible NEW book today and get its download PDF absolutely FREE (Save $26.99).

Discover all you need to know about 30 key people in Jesus’ Family Tree at a glance. Covers—

Key People at the Beginning of All Things

Key People Who Started the Covenant Family

Key Family Members Who Were Closest to Jesus


An incredible fold-out family tree diagram, which covers every person listed in Jesus’ genealogy in the Bible. It is easy-to-read, featuring key names and labels of key events.

Perfect for students, pastors, Bible study teachers, and those interested in seeing God’s faithfulness throughout the Old and New Testament. Use as a stand alone study, a quick-reference book, or a supplemental resource to add depth to any Old or New Testament study! Order today to save $26.99

Enjoy Having These 5 Key Features at Your Fingertips!

  1. Simple Overview on 30 key people apart of Jesus’ family tree. Covers background information, key life events, key ways they relate to Christ, and more!
  2. Accurate family trees and diagrams that are easy-to-read and follow. Their simple format and readable type make it easy to trace Jesus’ family line across generations
  3. Dozens of charts showing key information at a glance, including the 10 major genealogies in the Old Testament, major covenants throughout the Bible, lessons we can learn from each person’s story, the specific ways key family members pointed to Jesus Christ, and more! For example, see how Adam, Moses, Joshua, Abraham, and other key family ancestors foreshadowed to Christ.
  4. Stunning pictures and full-color maps that provide incredible background information. See the route Abraham traveled, map of the Holy Land looked during Jesus’ time, and more!
  5. Easy-to-understand explanations that highlight God’s faithfulness, confirm Jesus’ identity, and reveals what it means to be considered a “child of God.” (Includes incredible insights for believers today.)
“This is an exciting resource. Tracing the various personalities from Old and New Testament and studying them through the lens of the genealogy of Jesus definitely adds depth to our study and encourages us in our faith.” —Chew Keng Sheng, Rose reviewer

Features Hundreds of Fascinating Facts and Key Background Information, including

  • Matthew and Luke both record Jesus’ genealogy in their gospels. But, their genealogies are not identical. (Find out why Matthew and Luke focused on different aspects of Jesus’ genealogy!)
  • The term “gospel,” which means “good news” was commonly used in the Roman world for the announcement of Caesar’s deeds. A messenger would go ahead of the Caesar (King) and announce the good news that the king had achieved victory and was returning to his kingdom. Likewise, the Gospels of the Bible proclaim the good news of Jesus’ victory and coming return.
  • Abraham means “father of many,” signaling God’s promise to give Abraham and Sarah offspring as abundant as the stars in the heavens. Click here to find out more

Perfect for—

  • Individual Use
  • Adult Sunday School or Small Group Bible Studies
  • New Believer’s Classes— Incredible insight into the identity of Christ and our identity as children of God.
  • Pastors, teachers, and church leaders will love using this as a quick-reference for sermon/lesson prep.
  • Anyone interested in Jesus’ genealogy, the fulfillment of Old Testament prophecies, typology of Christ, and seeing God’s faithfulness throughout the Bible

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